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Tancredo's Focus: Border Security, Radical Islamists, Tax System Overhaul And Energy Independence

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Tom Tancredo received some questions from California Yankee of Red State and rather than just send him an email back, Tom went one further and sat down with the video camera to make his points clear. Kudos to Tom on facing the American people without any smoke and mirrors.

The questions were regarding what his primary focus would be as president and I was glad to hear that neither the church, abortion or Terry Schiavo'esque digging into people's personal decisions by government were in any of his answers.

I personally have become fed up with every single word being echoed in this current Republican administration having to do something with religion or related to religion. It is something that one should be allowed to follow as it is their right, but it has been shoved down our throats time and time again over the past 6 years and I'm about sick of it.

So here were the points Tancredo mentions

Border Security and Interior Enforcement

Of course this is the number one issue and the centerpiece of Tom Tancredo's campaign. So much so that people often wonder if he has any other issues that he cares about. I don't think anyone doubts that Tancredo is serious about this and will force it to actually get done if he was elected President of the United States.

War on Radical Islamists

Tancredo has been a stalwart supporter of fighting radical Islam and that can be seen just by the way he puts it in the video. There's no politically correct terminology from Tom Tancredo. It is "the war against radical Islamists".

Overhaul the Tax Code and Economic Growth

This is one portion of Tancredo's plan that I personally didn't know about. Tancredo is in favor of not just fixing our current tax code, but doing away with it and going from an income tax to a consumption tax. This would mean repealing the 16th amendment. I think a consumption tax is a fair system. How it would be put in place I'm not sure, but I think it would fairly tax everyone by what they use, not what they make. The current code is a bunch of crap. Tancredo says that overhauling the tax code would create an "economic explosion in this country".

Energy Independence and Nuclear Power

As Tancredo puts it there is no silver bullet to solving the energy independence conundrum. I find it quite telling that he does mention disposal of nuclear waste as one of his first points. Nuclear power would be one of the ways he focuses on this and I'm all for it. This country has been held hostage by the environmentalists for entirely too long and that needs to change. We are a growing country and we need to expand our energy production so that we don't have to rely so heavily on outside sources. Nuclear power is one of the cleanest methods of producing electricity and it is not a new field as some would have you believe. Nuclear powered aircraft carriers have been using nukes on board for decades safely powering their internal cities that contain thousands of people on the ocean.

There is simply no excuse why the same can't be done in America as a whole - and be done so in a safe and clean manner - that gives us the benefits without the pollution and destruction of the environment that other forms of energy production do. The environmentalists would have you believe their number one priority is the environment, yet they stand in the way of the cleanest form of energy production. Hypocrites all of them I say.

Below is the video of Tancredo. A collection of several discussions in varying locations at this event.

Go Tom!

Tipped by Team Tancredo

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