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Mexico Meddling In Ramos & Compean Case To Be Looked Into By House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee

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The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight is putting together a hearing on just how much influence the Mexican government had in the prosecution and conviction of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Fox News

Rep. Bill Delahunt, the Massachusetts Democrat who chairs the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, said a formal invitation to testify will be also be sent to U.S. prosecutor Johnny Sutton "so there will be no confusion as to whether he’s available or whether he’s willing to appear."


"We’ve been stonewalled unbelievably," said [Congressman Dana] Rohrabacher spokeswoman Tara Setmayer, particularly about her office’s request for correspondence from the agency investigator in the case and for details of Davila’s immunity agreement.

"It’s absurd … they claim the reason for the denial of that information is because of the privacy act. They require a privacy waiver to be signed by the drug smuggler before they can release that information.


Delahunt said he also met with the Mexican ambassador privately to discuss the matter, but foreign officials are prevented by protocol and the practices of the Mexican government from testifying to the U.S. Congress. As a matter of course, the congressman added, "We do not have foreign government representatives at hearings."

"I’ve met with the Mexican ambassador. I’ve indicated to other members, including Mr. Rohrabacher, that the Mexican ambassador would be willing to meet with him and other members of Congress privately and we’re making an effort to arrange that," Delahunt said.

I have my doubts that anything will be revealed by this hearing. Time and time again this administration has held back the facts and even lied to congress. Such as the claim before congress that the two agents said they were going to go "shoot some Mexicans" right before the incident occurred. That was proven to be false and was made up and is just another showing that this administration intends to keep the truth on this prosecution under wraps all to appease the Mexican government.

The House Judiciary Committee is also looking into the statute which sentenced the agents to the minimum of ten years. That federal statue, 924c, states the following ridiculous notion:

"during and in relation to any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime," any person who uses or carries a firearm should be sentenced to no less than 10 years in prison if a gun is discharged.

Note that it doesn't say "unless that person is a law enforcement official in the act of fulfilling his duties" or something along those lines. So by the definition above every shooting in the US should put the law enforcement official behind bars for 10 years since every shooting is an act of violence. That just goes to show you the extent to which US Attorney Johnny Sutton went to bend the intent of the law to fulfill his sick and twisted game of pandering to President Bush's wish for a wide open border with no security at all because agents are too scared to actually perform their duties.

Johnny Sutton is an asshole and all you have to read is the paragraph above to realize that... if you haven't already.

Tipped by: Ruthiness of Illegal Protest

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