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Border Patrol Agent Noe Aleman Turns Self In To Serve Jail Sentence

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Border Patrol Agent Noe Aleman turned himself yesterday, June 11, 2007, to US Marshals at about 1:30PM to start serving his sixth month sentence. Noe still protests his conviction and says that the whole prosecutorial case is based on "a couple of typos." and that he "did not harbor anybody,".

Noe Aleman
Noe Aleman, 12 Year Border Patrol Veteran
A last minute motion for an extension was denied. Noe Aleman's attorney, Gary Hill, says he will file to have the conviction overturned. Hill said Aleman received "ineffective assistance of counsel."

In 2004, Isabel and Noe adopted her three nieces, all young girls, but the Alemans say that immigration officials made numerous typos on the documents including getting the girls ages wrong, making them adults when they were actually younger and that the visas issued for the girls were for 1 day when typically they are given for 90 days.

When Noe Aleman went to pick up what he thought were corrected documents and proper visas from an immigration office with the three girls, he was arrested on the spot and the three girls were taken away and deported to Mexico.

The Alemans now face losing their house while Noe is imprisoned for six months.

This whole case is an outrage and is being brought by the same team that put Agents Ramos and Compean behind bars. That would be the team of US Attorney Johnny Sutton and Judge Kathleen Cardone.

Noe Alemans Girls
The Three Aleman Girls

I ask that you now head over to the Noe Aleman website and make a donation to help his family in this time of need. Put yourself in their situation for just a minute and you'll soon realize that Noe, a veteran Border Patrol Agent of 12 years, was simply trying to do a good thing and is being persecuted for it.

Jim Stach of Freedom Fighter Radio recently talked to Noe Aleman.

his legally adopted daughters have now also been barred from entering the USA for 10 years,while illegals with repeat offences can return to the USA this is not Justice our Government is out of control.

El Presidente Seno'r Bush has refused to help or even listen to facts that clearly show that these men were lied about. And now Bush and others in Government want to possibly pardon Libby down the road, this is an outrage.

An outrage indeed! Good upstanding Americans are being sent to prison while illegal aliens are being arrested on sex crimes and deported only to return and do it again.

Here are a few comments over at Lone Star Times where I think they sum it up pretty well with not only their questions of obvious potential corruption, but their total distrust of the legal system now after seeing these cases. It's a shame that Americans have these opinions, but what else are they supposed to believe when they see this repeated over and over?

Sutton’s office is totally corrupt, he shuld be hung by his b___s


Our country is becoming Mexico.

Where anyone can be bought.. and corruption is rampant. It will only head North.


Someone smells stinky - Slimy Sutton


People who wear body armor to work shouldn’t be able to be stabbed in the back by someone with a courthouse tan.


Our attorney general was active with LaRasa. Johnny Sutton in three of these cases has the same judge, same courtroom and the defendents end up with the same lawyer…….. don’t ask me how that has happened. Corrupiton……….oh yes. We can’t get our attorney general to even look at these cases, and Johnny Sutton continues his path of family destruction. Wonder where the drug cartels come into play?


It simply makes no sense. What is going on, seriously?


Are we still living in America?

Don't forget to donate to the Noe Aleman family

Additional Sources: El Paso Times

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Johnny Sutton appears to be the real criminal here, and should be held accountable for his crime's against the law abidding citizen's of this great country. I do hope that legal action will be persued against this elected offical,as i WILL donate to the legal fund,as I have to the agent's and familie's he has destroyed. I can't believe that the administration that I voted for has gone to this extent and let us down in all the aspects of being a American Citizen and protecting our people our libertie's,and our country. We are being jailed and prosecuted for obeying our own law's. It's time we should VOTE out everyone. Not just the Dem's, Repub's.and Independent's, EVERYONE if you want change's. For the people by the people. We must take back out country and government,and only by education of how our system work's,communication with each other ( The citizen's ), and the power of our Vote can we achieve this goal. We MUST!! Or we will be letting our government make All our decision's as we are letting them do now. I Love my Country and have served in the armed force's as has many with honor. I have done this to help preserve our heritage and freedoms from our enemy foreign and domestic. But now we have turned into our own worst enemy, the enemy from within. Alot, but not all is our own fault because we have grown complacient and withdrawn from the policies that drive our live's as we STRUGGLE to make end's meet, and still continue to go under.(Is it going to be gas or another gallon of milk).Got to give up the milk to buy the gas to drive to work to make the money that is continually taxed on that we can't afford to buy the milk with!!! We are Giving it all away people. STOP!!! Putting your head in the ground, it IS NOT going to go away. Only we THE PEOPLE, not the person, has that power. Look at our Presidential Canidate's. This is pitiful!!! We have let the MEDIA choose them for us. We had a few good choice's(in all partie's) but the media never gave them coverage as they were not big name's,and not as new's worthy. They are all playing children's game's we were supposed to leave behind us as we grew into adult's. Listen to them bicker and call name's,and you want to vote for these spoiled children? Call me dumb but i really thought Bush would change alot of this. If there is a other vote, I will vote for other. I cannot in good conscious vote for the lesser of the evil's again. I want to vote for the person that has our need's and value's in mind. PLEASE!!! People,stand up and fight with your vote and letter's. Let them know we are tired of the kindergarden congress. They are wasting our time and hard earned money,( that they keep taking). Let's put grown up's in our government. OUR CHILDREN deserve better from us.

Posted by: James on March 16, 2008 10:49 AM

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