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Senate Approves 370 Miles Of Border Fence

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The Senate today approved 370 miles of border fence into their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act that is currently heading towards a vote. The downside is that the planned amnesty of millions of illegal aliens is still being considered under the guise of the misleading "guest worker program". 370 miles is a start, but not enough. And if it turns out to just be some barbed wire, it's a worthless gesture in the end.


Amid increasingly emotional debate over election-year immigration legislation, senators voted 83-16 to add fencing and 500 miles of vehicle barriers along the southern border.

The prospects were less favorable for their attempt to strip out portions of the legislation that could allow citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants and create new guest worker programs.


Construction of the barrier would send "a signal that open-border days are over. ... Good fences make good neighbors, fences don't make bad neighbors," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. He said border areas where barriers already exist have experienced economic improvement and reduced crime.


Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana said it did [amount to amnesty]. "Surely this is a pardon from what present law says must happen," he said of provisions in the bill that require immigrants to undergo background checks, pay back taxes and take other steps before they can become citizens.

One problem with all of this is that there's not enough details in there as to how we're going to determine how long someone has been here, what type of fencing is to be used, how they'll determine what people owe in back taxes and for that matter who these people even truly are. Most are using some form of fraudulent ID.

We can't even seem to find these people to deport them or crack down on illegal immigration, what makes people who want this "guest worker program" to go through think that we'll be able to implement it and make it work?

It really boggles my mind. Utopian ideals often don't work people.

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Agreed, 370 miles is not enough. The House resolution was for 700 miles of fencing. I believe it's a compromise so they can jam the 'guest worker' program down our throats.

Posted by: PoliticalCritic on May 18, 2006 06:20 PM

Unless week crack down heavily on employers of illegals none of this will matter. Illegeals will still continue to invade our country.

If the Republicans pass an amnesty bill, this will legalize 8-10 million uneducated, unskilled, socialist Mexicans who will vote 10-1 for Democrats. For putting them in office the Democrats will raise taxes on everyone to support the products of this invasion. The economy will tank and unemployment will sky rocket. Then the Dems will make a permanent majority the wards of the state.

America is being brought down from within.

Posted by: RA on May 19, 2006 05:02 PM

What's need to be done is:
1. Stop the entry. My suggestion is to build a fence along the border, trench it along the U.S. side, and fill it with triple concertina wire (JUST LIKE AROUND A MILITARY COMMAND CENTER)
2. Send out the message that if you are here illegally you will be found. When you are found, you will deported. You will not have the opportunity to return legally, if you are found here illegaly. If you come forward you will be given to the opportunity to return but after you have gone through the proper channels in your own country.
3. This needs to happen along both our southern and northern borders. I am sure that there is an influx of illegal aliens coming in from canada (LOWER CASE C INTENTONAL), also.
4. You politians have to stop worrying about saving face with a group of people that cannot do anything for you, because they don't have the right or privelage to vote.
5. It is a slap in the face to every immigrant and/or naturalized AMERICAN that came into this country legally. If these people are given amnesty then the people that came here the right way are going to be demanding refunds from the government for the huge fines they had to pay, just to be here. We are a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY. The only thing democratic about our government is the method that we use to appoint our leaders. So the will of the people (THE MASSES IF LATINO PROTESTERS) is irrelevant.

Posted by: Ron Coon on May 20, 2006 03:26 PM

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