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OK Governor Brad Henry Signs Bill Denying Services, Licenses To Illegal Aliens

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A victory was scored in Oklahoma as Governor Brad Henry signed House Bill 1804. The bill makes it mandatory for businesses to use the Basic Pilot Program, denies licenses and ID cards to illegal aliens and requires state and local agencies to verify immigration status and citizenship before applicants can receive benefits.

This is the toughest law in the country at the state level. The Governor didn't seem too pleased at having to sign it, but the bill was passed in the House by a vote of 84-14 and in the Senate by a vote of 41-6. An overwhelming passage that showed the absolute outrage at the invasion of illegal aliens. If Governor Henry had vetoed it his veto would have been overruled. So to avoid that he signed the bill, but said "While some will undoubtedly claim this state legislation is a landmark step forward, the truth of the matter is we will not effectively address immigration reform until the federal government acts,"

So, it seems Governor Henry, a Democrat, isn't too happy about having to sign it and wants an amnesty program.

However, the real winners are the Oklahomans who, like the rest of Americans, have been getting ripped off as their taxpayer funds are spent to support the continued flow of illegal aliens into this country and into their state.

One part of the bill that is lacking is the in-state tuition portion, which still allows in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens, but only if they apply for citizenship within one year. I'm not sure if this is bad though, since what illegal alien in their right mind would file for citizenship when they aren't even legal residents? Citizenship standards require you to have resided legally in the United States for years. The one loophole in the bill is that it says you have to apply, it doesn't say you have to receive citizenship.

For the Basic Pilot portion of the bill, it will go into effect for public companies on November 1, 2007 and for private companies on July 1, 2008. By that time the companies have to be using the system for all new hires.

I'd just like to point out that this will have no effect whatsoever on legal immigrants, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic.

Are lawsuits coming? You Bet!

Examiner Enterprise

Ray Madrid, state director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said the legislation may burden Latinos with new discriminatory barriers in housing and jobs.

"It's going to take us back," Madrid said. "I'm sure there's going to be neighbors turning neighbors in."

LULAC and other agencies that serve Latino communities are considering challenging the new law's constitutionality because immigration policy is the responsibility of the federal government, not the state, Madrid said.


"This is a bad bill. But we live in a political world," [Pat Fennell, executive director of the Latino Community Development Agency in Oklahoma City] said. "This bill is not going to solve one thing on immigration."

Not going to solve one thing on immigration eh? Maybe not, but it'll solve some things regarding illegal immigration. I have one question for Pat Fennell. If it's not going to have an impact why are your fellow illegal alien supporters so scared that they are already looking at filing lawsuits?

I don't understand why these groups continue to think that illegal aliens should have any right to US taxpayers money through social services? Their main complaint is that businesses lured them here with promises of work, but nobody forced anyone to come here and nobody is forcing them to stay. So if you're so mad that you're losing your free handout from the American people then get the hell out of our country!

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i think that the law is stupid and that they sould let thingsset like they are because half of the mexicans pay taxes and dont get into any trouble and shit but i also beleive if the person should have at least three chances to stay out of trouble!!! like me and my mom say we believe the united states is turning into another germany

Posted by: victoria on November 2, 2007 10:52 AM

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