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Must See Video From Inside MacArthur Park On May 1, 2007 Tells The Truth

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This is a must see video on what really occurred in MacArthur Park on May 1, 2007. If you have any doubts about the intentions of those opposed to the LAPD just have a little watch of this video. Thugs with bandannas running through the streets asking why the police are trying to push them back and catch them. The news won't show this video because they don't want to show you the truth and would rather villainize the LAPD. I'm not really sure why? This country has really gone down the tubes when the news and others intentionally hide the truth of situations in order to sensationalize a story. In connection with the incident seen below 60 of the elite forces of the LAPD were put on suspension by Police Chief Bratton.

My first reaction after watching it? "This is ridiculous! Anyone in their right mind can see that these people wanted something to happen. Who stands around after being told to disperse by police and after seeing police fire rubber bullets on people and after seeing them take out their batons? Who in their right mind advances on police after all of this unless they want something to happen?"

Check it out.

The man shown in the video is Jonathan Mann, better known as "GameJew". In his attempt at biasing the story towards his opinions and beliefs he inadvertently provides the truth of the situation. Is this what we want in America? Don't we want our law enforcement personnel to stop stuff like this? Or do we want anarchy in our streets?

Here is an accompanying press release by those who have spent the time analyzing this video for the truth.

They urge you to comment on this video after watching it at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-XCWNe0pBTI


While Mayor Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief William Bratton work to ruin the careers of over 60 police officers before the official investigation truly begins, a new video has emerged that exonerates the overall actions of LAPD riot teams.

This video was shot by an illegal alien supporting blogger that refused to disperse from MacArthur Park on May 1. While his intentions were to support the illegal aliens, his video captures a wide range of hostile and anti-American sentiments present in MacArthur Park on May 1, 2007.

This video has been deconstructed, with commentary from ALIPAC, to illustrate several important points that speak to the need for riot team action in MacArthur Park.

This video shows illegal alien supporters that are clearly anarchists, communists, and gang members. After all, MacArthur park is notorious paramilitary gang territory and the birthplace of MS-13, which has led Mayor Villaraigosa to ask for Federal aid and a 'Marshall Plan" for LA.

The illegal alien supporters have failed to show America the footage of what was done to the officers. At least eight LAPD officers were injured by the assaulting crowd.

This video contains evidence of the following actions by illegal alien supporters in MacArthur Park.

  • Illegal alien supporters advancing on police lines.
  • Playing native American war drum patterns.
  • Refusing to disperse.
  • Clearly understanding police directives to disperse.
  • Holding weapons and challenging police.
  • Shielding themselves with babies near advancing police lines.
  • Displaying anti-American art comparing the US to sinking ships Titanic and Poseidon.
  • Covering their faces like bandits and Zapatista rebels.
  • Walking slowly with backs turned to the advancing police line to setup a victim scene.
  • Lying about injuries to women and children
  • Making comments about assaulting police
  • Smiling about the mayhem.
  • Displaying communist and anarchist flags.
  • Blocking streets with trash cans
  • Much more!

American media is encouraged to watch this video and tell America the truth! American citizens are encouraged to share this video and release with others and contact lawmakers to defend the brave actions of the LAPD.

Please contact elected officials on behalf of the LAPD at this link


Thanks to The Freedom Folks for their hard work on this and passing it along to myself and my readers.

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