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National Guard Leaving The Border, No Border Patrol Agents To Take Their Place

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Anyone who is fooled into thinking that President Bush cares about homeland security need look no further than the sham that was the deployment of the National Guard to the border in a "support role". President Bush claims he wants an increase in the Border Patrol, yet the absolute insanity of the conviction of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean says counter.

That's right, the President wants the Border Patrol increased from 12,000 to 18,000 but then turns around and says he only wants half of the 700 mile border fence included in the Secure Fence Act that he signed built, (and even some of that to be a "virtual fence"). And now we find that he will allow the National Guard to recede from the border before there are ample Border Patrol agents in their place to take over.

It's all been a big sham, but even the blind can see that.

North County Times

As planning begins to reduce the number of National Guard troops along the border with Mexico, less than 1,000 of 6,000 new U.S. Border Patrol agents that the Bush administration wants in place by the end of next year have been hired.

As of March 17, the Border Patrol has only been able to hire and train 593 new agents or 9 percent of the administration’s goal, according to Javier Rios, a Border Patrol spokesman in Washington.

Gosh I wonder why we're having problems getting people to sign up to become a Border Patrol Agent?

Hmm, you think prosecuting two Border Patrol agents for shooting a drug dealer in the ass after he pointed a gun at them as he fled across the border has anything to do with it?

Or how about Mexico going ape shit because you chased one of their drug dealers 25 feet into Mexico and then calling for your extradition?

Or how about the lack of action on Border Patrol agents being hit with rocks or shot at by snipers on a daily basis?

Or how about the standoffs with Mexican military personnel and receiving hundreds of rounds of fire from automatic weapons that Bush does nothing about?

Or could it be the Mexican government calling for prosecution of law enforcement that stepped a few feet into Mexico to put out a brush fire?

Or the surge in violence along the border?

Or maybe it's because most law enforcement people see that you're not really serious about the border and would sell them up the river at the request of Mexico, a foreign power, in a heartbeat?

I mean really, where do I sign up? I love a dangerous job where I'm sure my president will hate me for doing it and maybe even chuckle under his breath during press meetings about how he's not going to do anything about my 10-12 year sentence after being convicted solely on the testimony of a drug smuggler.

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