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Border Patrol In Armed Standoff With Mexican Military

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An incident that happened over a week ago and seems to have been covered up or buried by the media has come to light. There was an armed standoff between the US Border Patrol and what appeared to be Mexican military personnel. The incident started when the Border Patrol went after a dump truck carrying large quantities of Marijuana. The truck made a run for the border and got stuck in the Rio Grande. The driver ran out and got away.

The Border Patrol started collecting the marijuana when the driver returned with a small armed militia and those appearing to be part of the Mexican military. A standoff ensued and the Border Patrol called fr backup.

El Paso Times

The Border Patrol called Hudspeth County sheriff's deputies and Texas state troopers for backup, both agencies confirmed.

[Hudspeth County Chief Deputy Mike] Doyal said the truck driver returned with the armed men, including men who arrived in official-looking vehicles with overhead lights and what appeared to be Mexican soldiers in uniform and with military-style rifles.


The standoff ended when the "soldiers" used a bulldozer to pull the dump truck into Mexico, sheriff's officials said.

Doyal said the bulldozer is kept in the area and is suspected of being used to create makeshift paths across the river.

"The 1,850 pounds confiscated (by U.S. authorities) was probably a third of what was in the truck. The rest went into the Mexican side," Doyal said.

Absolutely ridiculous that those entering our country as a threat are not shot. hey should have also shot the driver as he was trying to escape to another country.

Other Commentary:

Captain's Quarters

... by far the biggest problem shown in this incident is that no matter who the Mexicans were, our Border Patrol presents no match for the drug smugglers and bandits along the southern border of the US. To have a dump truck stolen while they stood by and watched, afraid to fire a shot in defense of the border, amply demonstrates the futility of our entire approach to security along the southwestern edge of the US. This incident is nothing less than a rank humiliation and exposes the underfunded and overstretched Border Patrol as completely unable to fulfill its mission with current resources and leadership.

Michelle Malkin

So, what's Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff doing? Hyping the Bush amnesty plan and telling reporters about his promises to the Border Patrol to "equip them with whatever they need to make sure they are adequately protected and they can respond and defend themselves."

Euphoric Reality who is pissed (as he should be)

... This is not a fly-by-night operation - it is a full-scale invasion. Anyone with a brain cell knows that the drugrunner merely sat on the border until the US law enforcement disbursed, before trucking the drugs back over into America.

I want foreign soldiers SHOT when they enter our country illegally and armed; and I want drugrunners SHOT before they run away.



Pink Flamingo Bar And Grill

Sounds like situation normal...SNAFU. Republicans want money from me they better get a handle on my borders. Till then they can beg from the illegals. Not one more red cent...or centavo heh.

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