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$100 Billion In Remittances To Head To Latin America

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President Bush last week toured Latin America pledging billion in US taxpayer monies to the region to help it out, but the truth is that US taxpayers are already footing the bill for millions of those countries foreign nationals who are in this country legally and illegally.

Immigrants in this country qualify for US taxpayer funded services, such as education for their children, while they are here. Now I'm a big time supporter of legal immigrants. So much so that I married one. But this issue of billions in foreign aid being doled out to these same countries who actively encourage illegal immigration into the United States needs to stop. That's right. Stopped. Totally.

Until these countries actually try to play by the rules that are lining their pockets with billions upon billions of dollars sent back from immigrants here, the foreign aid needs to be cut off. Remittances are money that is taken out of our economy and not spent here. Meanwhile their illegal immigrants that they encourage to come here drive down our low wage workers earnings.


Latin Americans working outside their countries are expected to send home more than $100 billion annually by 2010 ... Donald F. Terry, general manager of the bank's Multilateral Investment Fund, said remittances will increase by about 15 percent a year over the next four years.

"There's very little doubt about that," Terry said at a conference on the sidelines of the Inter-American Development Bank's annual meeting...

In 2006, Latin American migrants sent home $62 billion, with Mexicans sending the largest share - $23 billion.


"If you're No. 1 in remittances that means your economy is not generating enough jobs. ... What that really means is we have too much unemployment and underemployment," he said.

Big surprise that Mexico leads the charge since they actively encourage illegal immigration and continue to meddle in our immigration system.

If you're legal and sending money home, I don't see anything wrong with that. You are within your legal rights and are not having the adverse affect that illegal aliens are on the wages of workers here. If you are illegal though you are taking money directly out of the mouths of legal workers in this country and your home country should have to suffer the consequences though removal of foreign aid.

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