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University of North Carolina Finds That 99% Of Emergency Medicaid Patients Are Illegal Aliens

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University of North Carolina researchers investigated the impacts of illegal immigration on the emergency Medicaid system in the state. It may surprise some, but it doesn't surprise me, that they found that out of 48,391 cases between 2001 and 2004, 99% of them were illegal aliens.

A finding that you would figure would convince people to wake up and say "enough is enough!" and to start cracking down on illegal aliens so that they aren't using taxpayer funds, but you'd be mistaken if you read the Washington Post.

Instead of catching and deporting illegal aliens and actually having a semblance of border security they make the ridiculous point that we should instead supply illegal aliens with prenatal care so that they aren't using the emergency rooms as their labor and delivery offices when popping out their new "anchor babies".

"Providing a dollar's worth of prenatal care can save $3 of postnatal care," said Mara Youdelman, director of the National Language Access Advocacy Project at the National Health Law Program in Washington, D.C. "It's much more costly to use Emergency Medicaid to pay for prematurity and low birth-weight babies and postnatal complications."

Why doesn't the fact that these people aren't supposed to be here even cross Mara Youdelman's mind? Rather than addressing the true problem she totally ignores the cause of the expense and comes up with the idiotic thought of just reducing the costs.

The UNC study points out that North Carolina is not alone and that states across the country are facing the same problem. They also point out that hospitals are not equipped to handle the huge influx of illegal aliens.

in California, 9 hospitals in Los Angeles alone have closed in the last 5 years and unpaid care costs are 1.6 billion per year. If you consider the area of Los Angeles you can estimate that a good portion of that is not poor Americans, but illegal aliens as the study above found.

Hospitals in Florida are also facing a crunch seeing an increase of 82% over 4 years for uninsured prenatal visits. Florida is another of those illegal alien havens like Los Angeles and we can assume that the percentage of "uninsured" prenatal visits by illegal aliens is extremely high.

Who is going to suffer in the end? The American citizens who are not only losing their taxpayer money to support this new influx of illegal aliens, but also face the closure of hospitals and increased waits in Emergency rooms. Waits which could actually cost American lives. Why? Why are the American people putting up with this blatant attack on their health care system whose costs are ever increasing and causing many working Americans to not even be able to afford health insurance?

It's a spiral that is out of control and unless illegal immigration is stopped it will only continue to increase at an even more dramatic rate.

In their study, researchers at the University of North Carolina analyzed administrative claims data for Emergency Medicaid, which showed that 48,391 people in the state received emergency care between 2001 and 2004.

Within that group, 99 percent of patients were undocumented immigrants, 93 percent were Hispanic, 95 percent were female and 89 percent were between the ages of 18 and 40.

In addition, the data showed, about 82 percent of Emergency Medicaid spending in 2004 was for childbirth and pregnancy complications, which accounted for 91 percent of hospitalizations.

Just remember that all of those children born are considered citizens due to birthright citizenship and since we can assume that these illegal aliens are poor, their children will then qualify for all social service programs available to poor children. In addition these "anchor babies" then make it much harder to deport the illegal aliens because of the bleeding hearts in this country who refuse to hold people accountable for their actions.

It's quite obvious why hospitals would want this to continue and even increase. Programs like Medicaid are the equivalent of hospitals receiving a government contract. If you don't believe that here's a doctor who comes right out and says it.

"We're very happy that Emergency Medicaid covers women, especially the ones who have childbirth, or we wouldn't have funding. We would be destitute," said Dr. Leo B. Twiggs, chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and clinical service chief at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Jackson is the safety-net hospital for Florida's Miami/Dade county and serves many undocumented immigrants who give birth.

"It's the right thing to do," Twiggs said.

It's not the right thing to do for the American people, you know the ones who are paying for all of these people who are waltzing into our country and using up all the funds that are supposed to be for Citizens and legal residents of this country.

Again and again I hear illegal aliens and their proponents ask "Why do you not like us, we're not costing you anything or doing you any harm?" Well the above just shows that you are doing harm. You are depriving American people of services and wasting our money! I also hear a constant banter from people that Mexico has excellent care and it's free! Well if it's so great why don't they cross back over the border and have their kids there? It just baffles my mind.

Freedom Folks puts it this way:

That's right, folks. In North Carolina from 2001-2004, Emergency Medicaid $$$ went to 47,907 people who broke our laws to be here, and 484 citizens.

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What part of CITIZEN don't you understand?
It's the law. Live with it.
And as for denying prenatal care to these moms, that spends dollars to save Medicaid from Million Dollar Babies. Yes, tighten the borders, but these moms and babies are in front of us right now. Maybe you can stand by and see them suffer, Dr. Mengele, but most Americans don't let neo-con ideology cloud their humanity.

Posted by: Snotaurus Bellcamp on October 3, 2008 02:25 PM

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