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Florida Hospitals Closing, Show 82% Increase In 'Uninsured' Prenatal Visits In Last 4 Years

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Some Florida health departments are being forced to close their doors due to an influx of uninsured pregnant mothers and causing women to have to wait up to 5 weeks for care. Who are these "uninsured mothers"? Illegal aliens of course.

Citizens of this country, those who actually pay for these health departments, are going to have to go without care soon because of the problem of illegal aliens taking their place at the front of the line. In Orange County, Florida alone the number of uninsured women seeking prenatal services has jumped 65% since 2002 and the number of prenatal visits for these women has jumped 84% from 19,718 in 2002 to 36,292 last year.

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that there are 850,000 illegal aliens in Florida.

Orlando Sentinel

Medical clinics that serve the poor in Florida are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and other uninsured women needing prenatal services, creating a looming crisis that already has forced at least one health department to close its doors to pregnant patients.


"We are at our limit; we have to begin to look at how we can just maintain what we have or reduce the number of patients that we see for prenatal care," said [Mark S.] Williams, chief executive officer of Community Health Centers Inc.

I can think of a few ways to reduce the number of patients... Starting with deporting illegal aliens, especially those who are pregnant and about to burden US taxpayers with an "anchor baby".

Others however, like Linda Sutherland, executive director of the Orange County Healthy Start Coalition, think that the state should just increase the income limitation so more poor women qualify for Medicaid and also that Florida should simply start funding prenatal care for illegal immigrants.

Yeah, those are both cost savers and will solve the financial and crowding problem. Sometimes I wonder if these people even think before they start coming up with solutions.

"Almost as soon as we open [a new location], we're fully booked with appointments," said Patricia Nolen, the department's program director for women's health.


Many are illegal immigrants, who do not qualify for government coverage for the poor through Medicaid...

This is not just happening in Florida. Numerous hospitals and emergency rooms have closed in California as well. For instance take a look at: Nine ER's Closed In 5 Years In LA; Unpaid Care Costs Of $1.6 Billion A Year - A Case Study In Stupidity

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