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Illegal Alien Fraudsters Now Targeting US Children's Identities

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It's becoming an epidemic across the country say federal agents. Identification fraud used by illegal aliens to obtain work and social services as well as for financial fraud. It's a horror for those whose identities are used. It destroys their credit and with someone working under their Social Security Number they are then contacted by the IRS telling them that they owe back taxes.

Fraud rings are increasingly targeting the children who are citizens of the United States because it is harder to detect. These, our youngest citizens, often don't find out about the problem until they try to obtain employment or use their Social Security Number once they are 18. They then discover that their credit has already been ruined and that they are facing unseen challenges financially that they had nothing do do with.

One federal judge dubbed the reach of these fraud organizations, with one in particular in Mexico, as "breathtaking" and striking "at the heart of American Sovereignty". An illegal alien who claims they are not hurting anyone and are just here to work while using a fraudulent identity is not only committing a felony, they may be destroying the future life of a child of this country. You can't get much more "scummish" than that. Preying on a child.

According to the Christian Science Monitor 1 in 30 American's identities are stolen each year. Things are just way out of control and the government seems to not being doing much about it.

Identity fraud is not just used for financial crimes it is used by all forms of illegal aliens to enter and blend into our country, from the poor low wage worker you hear sob stories about on the news, to terrorists like the 9/11 hijackers.

This issue needs to be resolved not only for the financial security of the citizens and legal residents of America, but for our physical security as well. With unchecked identity fraud running rampant how can you even claim to be concerned about homeland security?

To allow this to get to the point of our children being targeted and not doing something about it how can you claim to be looking out for our future? Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

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