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Women I Like: Heartless Libertarian's Wife

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If some of you out there don't read Heartless Libertarian, well now you have a reason to. Occasionally he posts some pictures of his wife holding guns. (And yes that headline is just horrible)

I'm not saying anything else... Just go have a visit.

Heartless Libertarian

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Posted by Digger on December 20, 2006 02:43 AM (Permalink)

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Radical Rules for Radical Libertarians: Alinsky, Rothbard, and Anarchy
2010 October 10
Lisa Richards
by Lisa Richards
tags: Anarchy, Murry N. Rothbard, News, Politics, Saul Alinsky

Radical libertarians are equivalent to leftist Saul Alinskyites. Both despise government and the Constitution, seeking to destroy America. Alinksy wanted a community government; radical libertarians want Rothbardian uprisings to destroy government and wealth altogether for communal equalty. To accomplish this, radical libertarians demand anarchy.

These so-called conservatives (leftists in disguise) claim history proves mankind took care of itself, prevented war, rape, and pillaging without police, military, and government until modern laws were enacted. Which is why history includes wars, rapes, and pillaging, making today’s crimes look like Elm Street without the nightmare.

These leftists claim Thomas Jefferson fought against all forms of government, calling for anarchy. This nutty ideology stems from radical libertarians’ Saul Alinsky, Murry N. Rothbard, who cleverly infused classical truths with progressive craziness, seeking to:

* Discuss unconstitutional excessive taxes
* Emphasize natural law
* Explain why inflated government is anti-people
* Then tell readers the only way to be free is eradicate government altogether
* Fight for Social Justice
* To accomplish this, demonize all who fight and die to protect freedom by claiming no human is born bad, thus we do not need military, police, laws, and government

Mark R. Crovelli of lewrockwell.com, a Rothbardian, says

Americans assume Human nature is so intrinsically evil and depraved that, without cops walking the streets, judges locking up potheads, and politicians buying hookers and crack in Washington, the entire world would devolve into a horrifying bloodbath. Murder and rape would run rampant as soon as the ‘criminals,’ (that is, all of us, as per our shared evil nature), got word that…police were no longer in the business of shooting, beating and incarcerating them. Virtually everyone and everything would be killed or destroyed …

Crovelli’s argument is sheer stupidity. Without laws, mankind disintegrates. Society can’t survive and thrive without leadership and checking and balancing leaders. Yet Crovelli claims human nature lacks depravity, man is not “brutish,” and society would work better without laws and with “the absence of police officers.”

Crovelli bases his argument on the Murray N. Rothbard book For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto. Rothbard’s book details how to overthrow the state and laws and contends that state power is unworkable, “immoral,” and “must be restricted and finally overthrown.” He claims:

The Jeffersonian and Jacksonian movements, the Democratic-Republican and…Democratic parties, explicitly strived for…virtual elimination of government from American life. It was to be a government without a standing army or navy; a government without debt…[without]… direct federal or excise taxes and virtually no import tariffs…with negligible levels of taxation and expenditure; a government that does not engage in public works or internal improvements; a government that does not control or regulate; a government that leaves money and banking free, hard, and uninflated…

The Declaration of Independence is not anti-government; the Founders fought monarchy, but were never for government abolishment. They created a limited, central government to protect against violations of natural law.

Crovelli says Rothbard is right: “The libertarian creed rests upon one central axiom… no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else.”

Conservatives agree no one has the right to encroach on Constitutional rights, but Rothbard mixes natural rights with government elimination, promoting leftist anti-war ideology:

War…is mass murder, and this massive invasion of the right to life, of self-ownership, of numbers of people is not only a crime but, for the libertarian, the ultimate crime.

Alinsky and Rothbard used social justice tactics—no one is evil except government and wealth. Government and laws create crime, not lawless people. Destroy both and all will be free. Radical libertarianism is anti-Jeffersonian conservative; it is Marxist.

Lewrockwellian Ralph Raico demonstrates his, and other radical libertarians’ Marxist thought in his latest column, “Liberation From the Parasite State”:

By the early nineteenth century, independent thinkers… across the political spectrum, from conservatives to anarchists, were alarmed at the growth of the parasitic state. This…problem…concerned…Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels… Marxism contains two…different views of the state… it views the state as the instrument of domination…exploiting classes that are defined by their position within the process of social production, e.g., the capitalists. The state is simply ‘the executive committee of the ruling class.’ Marx characterized the state itself as the exploiting agent…A brilliant passage occurs when Marx, in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, comes to consider the state as it developed in France, and he refers to this executive power, with its enormous bureaucracy and military organization, with it ingenious state machinery, embracing wide strata, with a host of officials.

Raico says he not Marxist, yet defends Marx by incorporating Marxism into libertarianism.

Rothbard’s book (linked in this column) reads like Alinsky: Marxist, anti-wealth/police/military, government must be destroyed, laws and law-makers create evil.

Myles Kantor of Frontpage Magazine says of the radical libertarians who follow Rothbard: “Going far beyond a sound opposition to the federal government’s aggression abroad, [they have] attempted to mitigate terrorists’ accountability for massacring thousands of Americans.”

Radical libertarians insist terrorists are not criminals. Instead, the military and police are.

Crovelli and Raico agree with Rothbard: depravity is nonexistent in man’s nature. It is “inexcusable” that America “is armed to the teeth with high-powered rifles, pistols, and shotguns.” Americans are conned into assuming humans have savage sides and terrorists are evil. The true violent criminals are police and military: “anyone with eyes in America…[can] tell you…police officers and soldiers are often the most depraved perpetrators of the very crimes they claim to ‘protect’ Americans from.”

That explains the violent criminal prison population: predominantly police officers.

Crovelli’s argument lacks credibility. Mankind is inherently flawed; war has always existed. If military and police are useless, crime never existed until laws came to be. Laws exist because bloodlust always has.

Rothbard’s radical libertarian anarchism undermines the Constitution, asserting nations can, and must, endure without states and central leadership. His theories destroy “We the People,” whose personal whims, without rules, create uprisings and power-grabbing.

Crovelli disagrees:

Such is the magnitude of the error of dismissing the sublime idea of free-market anarchism by assuming that the geniuses in blue keep us savages from killing each other.

To convince Americans of this lie, Rothbard, like Alinsky, utilizes college students to:

* Deem police and military government oppressors,
* Say: “taxation is theft, conscription is slavery, and war is mass murder, among many other points.”

Leftists despise laws, promoting uprisings against government.

Rothbard and Alinksy had solitary goals: destruction of society. To accomplish this, they combined natural law truths with anarchy. The Alinsky way says communist government control over people is best; the Rothbard way is America without government, police, military and laws.

Both are radical rules with one goal: destroy man and his right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, placing him under ideological communal control.

Posted by: Andrew on October 11, 2010 02:08 PM

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