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Mexico Corruption Appearing In Southern Texas Government As Evidenced By 19 Convictions

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Massive immigration from Mexico has had the effect of creating a "mini-Mexico" in border towns. Many of these immigrants do not assimilate into America, yet they still run for leadership positions in government. Everything from the school districts to the court systems are being filled by officials willing to take a bribe as if they werel Mexican officials.

In the last 2 years alone, 19 officials have been convicted of taking bribes for favors.

Houston Chronicle

Proximity to Mexico is at least partly to blame, said Anthony Knopp, a professor who teaches border history at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

"What we're dealing with is a Third World country on the other side of the border where there is a culture of corruption ... corruption will show up here, naturally."


Some pocketed wads of cash. Others accepted new tires for their cars or extensive remodeling jobs on their homes and businesses. Some even partied with prostitutes. In return, some allegedly awarded lucrative contracts to build or furnish new schools and public buildings. Or they looked the other way as traffickers hauled drugs across the border.

"Bribery is happening down here," said Israel Pacheco, a veteran Texas Ranger in McAllen. "To say it's not happening is to bury your head in the sand."


The bribery culture has existed in Mexico for centuries. There, the bribe is known as la mordida — "the bite." Paying mordidas is often the most efficient — or the only — way of getting things done in Mexico.

And show up, it has.

Since March 2004, 19 public officials including former Cameron County Sheriff Conrado Cantu, a city manager, several county commissioners, a school superintendent and several school trustees have been convicted of taking kickbacks and bribes.


In another case, the Cameron County district attorney is investigating how the Brownsville Navigation District spent $21.4 million in taxpayer money during a decade-long, futile effort to build a rail bridge to Mexico.

A private attorney hired by the district concluded $10.5 million was paid to subcontractors in Mexico who did little or no work, including a firm with close ties to Mexican officials.

The article details the amount of bribery going on which is simply staggering, everything from accepting bribes for major jail building contracts to smaller bribes to get out of parking tickets. One person running a mayoral campaign said he was approached with an offer for 400 votes for $10 a piece

Tom Tancredo was right, Third World Country indeed! He was just wrong that it's just Miami, it's in Texas as well.

Tipped by: VDARE (via Freedom Folks)

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