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Arizona Governor Napolitano Says Will Not Follow Residents Wishes On Immigration - Arizona GOP Just As Bad

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Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano says that no matter what the residents of her state say, she's going to continue on her view of allowing illegal immigration to continue. Residents of Arizona voted on four Propositions related to illegal immigration on November 7th and passed all four overwhelmingly by more than 70%.

Included in the Propositions were two that she vetoed in 2005, including Proposition 300 - Denying Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition, Taxpayer Funded Adult Education, Child Care - and Proposition 103 - declaring English the official language of Arizona. The other two Propositions that passed were Proposition 100 - Denying bail to criminal illegal aliens and Proposition 102 - denying civil lawsuits for illegal aliens.

The Arizona people spoke and Governor Napolitano apparently doesn't care what they think, because "she's right".

But before you just vilify Napolitano read below on what the Arizona GOP is saying related to employer enforcement.

Arizona Daily Star

Gov. Janet Napolitano said she won't change the way she approaches the issue of illegal immigration despite voters effectively overriding two of her vetoes on the issue.


Napolitano, however, said she does not consider any of the votes a rejection of her policies.
"They expressed their opinion," she said. "And I disagree."

Napolitano said voters "are going to disagree with me from time to time."

"At least they know where I stand," she continued. "I know where they stand. I will carry out their wishes."

But Napolitano, who has argued for only a limited role for the state in dealing with border crossers, said the votes will not change how she deals with the issue in the next four years.

How arrogant can you be as a leader that you can simply write off 70+% of your residents?

So what does the GOP have to say on cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens?

House Speaker Jim Weiers said Republicans intend to pursue border security measures. And he said the GOP also is willing to pursue employer sanctions if they can be enacted in a fair manner -- and if it can also gain the blessing of the business community.


"You work with all parties," he said. "You get the input in finding out what does work."

What a crock of shit! Like the business community that hires illegal aliens is going to approve of you cracking down on them. Give me a break. Jim Weiers is a sell out and willing to punish the residents of Arizona in order to appease businesses. There is absolutely no explanation on why employers who hire illegal aliens should not be arrested and fined as is already stated in federal law.

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Posted by Digger on November 10, 2006 12:10 AM (Permalink)

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Obviously, she is confused about something more than just her sexuality -- Does she think that is the Governor of Mexico (I know that would be Presidente of Mexico -- but this is JaNO's thought process not mine..

I would like to first know why when the citizens vote, the vote that only really matters are the one that keeps her in office. Clearly the propositions that we vote on and overwhelm voted to approved don't mean shit to her -- So who are her constituents -- us or the illegals that cross into not only MY country, but MY STATE.

Posted by: Nikki on November 16, 2006 11:22 AM

Most of the citizens voted for Janet Napolitano for a reason, (she was the best for the position). Don't start hating on the decisions she makes, she has the knowledge and the power to act as she wants, and she is right. Stop been racist and give these immigrants a chance, after all they don’t harm anyone. They only want to better themselves and by prohibiting them education you’re not going to stop them from crossing the border which that seems to be the intention of all this anti-immigrant propositions.

Posted by: Anonymous on November 22, 2006 05:41 PM

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