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It's Already Being Reported That Bush Sees Potential To Now Pass "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform

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Polls have been closed for only a few hours and as I was just watching on Fox news, Carl Cameron, said he had talked to Tony Snow and President Bush. President Bush will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 1:30PM.

What is the first words out of Carl Cameron's mouth after talking with them? Something along the lines of "President Bush sees the potential for positive things moving forward, such as on comprehensive immigration reform..."

I was disgusted.

The arrogant Republicans obviously didn't get it drilled into their heads with this vote - and losing The House - that their lack of effort on immigration was one of the key reasons for losing. This is just the thing to ensure that two years from now they will be totally destroyed in the next election.

Sure, you can trumpet Iraq all you want, but to everyday Americans, lack of action on our out of control borders and the shell games being played already with the recently passed 700 mile border fence, just added some more ticks in the "we don't trust you" belt which contributed to the Republican losses.

If there was justice in this world the Senate would have been turned over to the Democrats and the House would have remained in the hands of the Republicans. The House actually made a slight effort at some true border controls and enforcement of immigration laws.

Unfortunately for us Americans it is not looking good at this point. As I stated yesterday with Dems in control of the House they can pass an amnesty that the Senate will pass to the President who will sign it.

This is about the only issue that President Bush can agree with the Democrats on and potentially get passed in the next two years... at our detriment.

The Freedom Folks seem to think because a Nancy Pelosi lead House brings up the bill that Repubs would rally against it. Excuse me while I laugh. Both parties want illegal immigration to continue, That's why neither has done a damn thing in actually curbing it for the past 40 years. The only difference is that the Dems just want to give them voting rights and a bunch more money. That's the only difference really.

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