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Police Union, Minutemen Fighting National City Mayor Nick Inzunza Over Declaring It A 'Sanctuary City'

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Vowing not to fall prey to the "political whims of a misinformed politician", the police union in National City in San Diego County, California have said they will continue to follow state and federal law. Mayor Nick Inzunza wants to declare National City a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens.

The issue is really moot anyway as the city is a virtual sanctuary city. They regularly accept the Matricula Consular and don't screen people they stop for traffic violations.

The cowardly Mayor, Nick Inzunza, decided not to show up to the first city council meeting where the police union was ready to confront him with a statement, though he was in his office earlier. He's a real big man. To add to it he also screwed his city council members by announcing his decision on the radio without consulting them. Then he ran away and hid while they took the flak.

San Diego Union-Tribune

During Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Dennis Leach, president of the National City Police Officers Association, read aloud a letter addressed to the council, city manager, city staff and “conspicuously absent mayor.”

“The National City Police Officers Association will continue to advise its members that the political whimsy of one individual does not and will not influence us or deter us from our official duties in regard to the enforcement of the law,” Leach said.


Councilman Ron Morrison, who believes there is no need to designate National City as a sanctuary, said the response has been overwhelming.

“It's been taking over our lives,” Morrison said. “I have received more calls on this issue than any other issue in the 14 years I've been on the council.”


“I have heard the term 'tar and feather' more this week than I have in my entire life,” Morrison said. “This is not a National City issue, and it's going to turn National City into a battleground for all these outsiders.”

That's right Mr. Councilman, your city is now on the hit list across the nation. Your city has been exposed for aiding illegal aliens even though you haven't deemed yourself a sanctuary city. Accepting the easily forged Matricula Consular from the Mexican consulate as legitimate identification allows illegal aliens in your city to rip the rest of us taxpayers in this country off.

Are you really surprised Mr. Ron Morrison that taxpayers are going to come for your head when you are exposed for what you are?

Now they must face the Minutemen who are coming to City Hall Saturday at 11 AM to protest this ridiculous city and its ridiculous mayor.

“We think the vast majority of people in National City and San Diego County do not want this,” said Jeff Schwilk, who heads the San Diego Minutemen. “It's one thing to be neutral and not take a strong position, but to declare a sanctuary city – some people see it as declaring war and 'screw the American laws.' ”

At the end of the article above Councilman Morrison pleads for those offended to leave him and the city alone. It almost sounds as if he is about to cry.


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