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At Least 120 Illegal Aliens Busted On Buckley Air Force Base

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120 illegal aliens were busted working at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. They were working on construction projects for Hunt Building Co. Ltd out of El Paso, Texas. It is being called the largest work site raid in Colorado history. 120 arrests is a record?

Illegal alien families and workers in the area were worried that they would be deported.

Rocky Mountain News

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept through the construction site demanding to see IDs from the workers, most of whom were being paid in cash, according to immigration officials.

So much for that bullshit argument that illegal aliens are paying their taxes.

The construction site is near satellite monitoring systems on the base, which is home to the 460th Space Wing, which assists in global surveillance, missile warnings and homeland defense operations.

I'll be the first to point out that not all illegal aliens are our friends. Some would willingly do us harm if given the chance. Hell, some were specifically sent here to do us harm.

The arrests sent shock waves throughout the immigrant community in Aurora, as well as the building construction trade.

Argelia Zuñiga, whose father was among those being detained, said her family frantically was trying to find an attorney to help him.

"We're afraid for him. We don't know what will happen to him. Will he go to jail? Will he be immediately deported?"she said.

Spanish-language talk radio station KBNO-AM (1280) and the Mexican Consulate were flooded with calls from worried families.

Look, if you're in this country illegally you should expect to be caught and deported immediately. There should be no question. We have been lenient on this issue for so long that they even openly question whether we'll actually do anything to them once they're caught.

A total disregard for our laws and a thumbing of their nose at America as a whole.

Tom Tancredo, hero of Diggers Realm, isn't impressed. All of the focus has been on the illegal aliens and it seems very little on Hunt Building Co. Ltd

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said the arrests at Buckley are a start, but now the employer of the suspected illegal immigrants needs to be held accountable.

"This is a good signal to the illegal alien community," said Tancredo, who has been an outspoken proponent of tougher immigration laws. "An even better one would be vigorous prosecution of the employer."

ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok could not say Wednesday whether any charges had been filed against Hunt Building officials.

"Knowingly hiring illegal aliens is a violation of immigration law," Rusnok said.

The fact is the illegal aliens are in jail. The heads of this company should be in there with them awaiting a determination of their guilt. There are laws on the books against hiring illegal aliens, they just aren't being enforced. Any employer who is found hiring illegal aliens should be brought straight to jail along with the illegal aliens. If we do that a few times we'll start to see our illegal alien problem disappear because nobody will hire them.

The keyword in the above statement "knowingly" is what the employers will use as an excuse. And they already do so in this story as can be seen below.

Bruce Jackson, a Hunt superintendent, said there were about 20 subcontractors and he did not know which of those companies had hired illegal immigrants.


About 60 people did not arrive to work on Wednesday.

Lack of taking responsibility. Passing the buck. These companies need to be fined heavily and their higher ups put in jail until they decide to obey the law. The buck stops at the top and if it requires putting some of the top executives in jail in order for them to put in place workplace verification, such as the Basic Pilot Program, than so be it.

There definitely needs to be better screening of who are working on our military bases. You can't just screen a contractor or sub contractor and clear them. Each individual worker needs to be screened and that is even more of a reason to have an automated and fast solution to the issue of workplace verification nationwide.

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