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Incoming Mexican President Felipe Calderon Says Illegal Immigration Will Remain A Fact Of Life For America

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For anyone who thought the new incoming Mexican President Felipe Calderon would start cracking down on illegal immigration along our southern border, you are sadly mistaken. Why you would believe that in the first place is beyond me since he is in the same party as Vicente Fox. Felipe Calderon takes over on December 1, 2006.

Remittances to Mexico are their number one source of revenue, even surpassing their oil and tourism industries, and it's been that way since 2003. A remittance is money sent home from both legal and illegal immigrants, the majority of it coming from the United States.

The fact is that Mexico faces no repercussions for allowing illegal immigration to continue and only benefits by actively encouraging it. We here in the United States don't even go so far as to reprimand the government of Mexico for their continued flaunting of our laws and our national sovereignty.

Washington Post

Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon said on Thursday the flow of illegal workers to the United States would not stop, saying the two countries needed to work together to solve the problem.


Calderon, from the same conservative party as President Vicente Fox, is expected to be a U.S. ally in Latin America, but he warned that U.S. lawmakers should recognize that illegal immigration was a fact of life.

It may be a fact of life for those of you south of the border who like to oppress people and force the poor out of your country, but I don't think the American people are going to stand for too much more of this.

This blatant thumbing of the nose at American citizens should raise a red flag, but unfortunately too many people are not paying attention and letting their country be taken over right under their noses.

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I do not give a mexican rats ass if the mexican president doesn't agrre with AZ immigration law! He had no business addressing Congress in the first place! Take your illegals and take your ass back to mexico!

Posted by: jim creson on May 21, 2010 07:46 AM

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