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Massachusetts Iraqi Vets Denied Tuition Waivers While Illegal Aliens Receive In-State Tuition Benefits

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The Massachusetts legislature hates it's war veterans. That's what can be taken by the recent actions they have made regarding Iraqi vets who have returned home and been ignored by the politicians in the state. Massachusetts currently gives in-state tuition for illegal aliens, but when it comes to the vets they decided to not fund any tuition waivers for them and go on recess leaving the veterans with no educational support.

This is an outrage! Those who have managed to jump the border illegally are rewarded while those who fight for our freedom and rights -- and their own -- are ignored as if they are worthless. This is simply asinine and if you live in Massachusetts you should be making some phone calls right about now expressing your outrage.

Boston Herald

Army and Air National Guard soldiers expecting to be rewarded for their war duty under Gov. Mitt Romney’s “Welcome Home” bill found the welcome mat ripped out last week by the Legislature as it ended its formal session without approving money for the waivers.


“I went and fought in Iraq. I shouldn’t have to worry about tuition. I should be able to go wherever I want.” [said David Cowing, 23, of Rockland]

Lashing out at the “wrong priorities” of lawmakers, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey said, “The Legislature has made the appalling decision to vote on things like tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, but they couldn’t take the time to take a vote to help our Massachusetts war heroes . . . I find it deeply disturbing.”

What a travesty. These politicians of this heavily "blue" state honor illegal alien lawbreakers over US citizens who have sacrificed their time, lives and gone through discomforts to give these worthless and lazy men and women a safe and secure homeland in which they can "rule" and what do they get in return? These ingrates sit on their asses doing nothing to say thank you and go take their vacation. I don't care if you agree with the Iraq war or not, simply ignoring those who have sacrificed is the lowest of the low and speaks volumes about your character.

Vote these worthless pieces of crap out of office.

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Posted by Digger on August 14, 2006 05:17 AM (Permalink)

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How dare you do this to the vets. I'm a vet,I'm with http://www.veteran-for-veterans-rights.com. You dare give illegys beneifits and not veterans. I'm a radio talk guess and this topic will be brought up on the show. I'm going to do my best to get something done. And to get your Admin. out of office. Your no good to anybody but, the Bush Admin. Bush is a derseter from Nam. Are you? We got a coward in office. Now we the people, has to put your lies, as well as Bush.

Posted by: Steve on September 6, 2006 10:09 AM

I'm a disable vet. Bush and Cheney and the admin. are killing our soldiers. They being using depleted uranium in the shell casing, bullets,bombs, and missiles. The uranium stays in the ground for 4.6 billon years.The number of soldiers on medical disability since 1991 is 518,739, with only 7,035 reported wounded in Iraq in that same time.In a group of 251 soldiers from a study group in Mississippi who had all normal babies before the Gulf War, 67 percent of their post-war babies were born with severe birth defects.Bush Admin. knows all this. So they are killing our troops as well as killing the Iraq people as well.

Posted by: Steve on September 27, 2006 09:53 PM

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