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Eliot Spitzer Says Will Not Enforce Immigration Law To Prevent Fraud If Governor

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I used to have a lot of respect for Eliot Spitzer. I thought he was one of the good guys going after the corrupt businessmen. Sure he went after some and got a high profile for it, but I didn't see him cracking down on corrupt businesses hiring illegal aliens. These businesses are just as guilty and corrupt. They are using unfair illegal means to beat their competition... and doing it blatantly. It's not too hard to track them down.

Then I was cruising past an Indian reservation up here and found out that Eliot Spitzer has gone back on a treaty with the Indians that doesn't require them to charge taxes on their reservation. What kind of BS is that? After all that was done to the Indians the least we could do is abide by treaties that we set up with them. Let's attack a few legal minorities why don't we? Taxing some Indians -- the majority who live in trailers and are poor, trust me I've been on some reservations up here -- is what Eliot Spitzer stands for? So I signed a petition against this idiocy.

Eliot Spitzer
Digger: Hey Eliot how much do you care about illegal immigration and American Indians?
Eliot Spitzer: I'd say about this much.

I initially was thinking of voting for him before a lot of things came to light. Then today I read that Eliot Spitzer, if elected Governor of New York, will not enforce laws that specifically state that proof of citizenship be provided in order to receive Medicaid. Remember this is the current top law enforcement official in New York we're talking about here. He said it outright that he would not enforce a law on the books.

NY Post

The candidates were asked whether they would enforce the federal law that went into effect July 1, mandating that states require proof of citizenship from Medicaid applicants.

Spitzer responded: "I would not enforce that provision . . . I do not believe that it is the role of the state to be transformed into one big I.N.S. agent."

Spitzer added that he'd be prepared to issue an executive order similar to one in New York City, where municipal employees are forbidden to ask about an individual's immigration status.

Hey Spitzer, why do you hate the Indians, but love illegal aliens? Requiring proof of citizenship to receive taxpayer funded social programs has nothing to do with taking on the federal governments roll. It has to do with protecting the people you are supposed to be serving from fraud ensuring that the tax funds they provide are used by those who are legally entitled.

Of course Eliot Spitzer doesn't seem to see this. He sees this as it not being his job. Well your job, Eliot Spitzer, is to serve the taxpayers and that includes protecting them from getting ripped off with all the means at your disposal. If you blatantly refuse to enforce a law like this what other laws are you going to choose to ignore?

I once thought this man was fighting for the citizens of this state and a good American. No more. He is a political shill who could give two craps about the people he serves. And who are these people he serves? Just a little hint here Eliot Spitzer, you're serving the citizens and legal residents of this state, not illegal border hoppers and the corrupt businesses that hire them.

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Thank you God, THANK YOU! This story made my day. I love seing self serving hypocrite politicians get what they deserve! I just feel bad for his wife and daughters. Why the hell is his wife "by his side." If he were my husband he'd have been standing there all by himself. Women, stop standing next to these men who whore around on you (literaly!). This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Sorry Hillary, there's goes one of your superdelegate voters that can't be replaced.

Posted by: April on March 11, 2008 12:55 PM

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