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"Regularize" Is The New "Path To Citizenship" and "Amnesty" Even Used By Giuliani On The O'Reilly Factor

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Someone on the Republican side of the aisle must have sent out a memo to all on the right talking on immigration. Recently in numerous interviews I've been seeing those discussing President Bush's amnesty under the guise of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" referring to it as "regularizing" illegal aliens. I've heard it from the lips of Rudy Giuliani on The O'Reilly Factor. I've heard it a few other times previous to that over the past week, but I can't remember where

Don't be fooled by this mixing of words. In the past it has been referred to as a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens. Now they are trying to make it sound even less offensive to Americans by removing the word citizenship altogether. What it comes down to in the end though is the same thing they've been talking about all along, rewarding illegal aliens for their illegal behaviour by selling them American citizenship for a few thousand dollars.

When I see someone playing with words this way I lose a little respect for them. Everything else Rudy Giuliani was talking about I was agreeing with and then he had to go and use that dreaded word. Shame on your Rudy Giuliani and to all of the rest of you out there trying to fool America by obscuring the truth with wordplay.

Here's a little more of what Rudy Giuliani had to say on illegal aliens

"When I got into office I had 400,000 illegal immigrants, give or take 100,000. ... The Immigration and Naturalization Service would only deport 1,500 to 2,000 a year. So I said to myself I have 398,000 illegal immigrants because the federal government is not going to do anything about this. It can't. So I had to figure out how do I deal with it. ... We made sure that their children were allowed to go to school for which we were criticized. But if I didn't do that, I would end up with children on the streets. ... And we tried to make their lives reasonable."


"You've got to take a practical approach to it. There are 12 million illegals in this country. We got to stop illegals from coming in. And a tremendous amount of money should be put into the physical security that's needed to do that."

He's got the last part right. We need to spend the money. I'm not so happy with his performance on illegal immigration -- or his lack thereof -- in New York City over his term. While a mayor has some power -- and he seems to fall back on simply blaming the feds -- the federal government always is responsible for defending our borders in the end. But by Giuliani spending taxpayers money on illegal aliens he's lost a lot of my respect.

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