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To All Of Those Condemning Israel For Defending Themselves

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Yesterday I posted my opinions and commentary on the Israel-Lebanon conflict. I realize that to a lot of people any civilian casualties are unacceptable. The truth of the matter is that unless we can get the terrorists to agree to wear special ID chips or tell them to stand out in the open there is simply no way to stop these attacks that continue on Israel without "collateral damage" as they call it.

Over at In Search of Utopia, David Anderson is saying that this is properly defined as a crisis. I still don't see it this way. A crisis is something that occurs that was unforeseen. To anyone who is living in a country that allows terrorists to control their destiny they are only fooling themselves if they believe that it would not eventually end in attacks and deaths. Another argument against the crisis is the advanced warning that Israel has been giving since day one. The same people complaining now would be condemning the air bombing in Germany during World War II.

Here is my full response to David's post where he also lashes out at those who found it telling that photos were found of Hezbollah members in civilian clothes launching missiles so that they could then quickly disperse into the population. He particularly took offense to a post by Kim Priestap over at Wizbang where she properly concludes that we'll never know how many of the dead in a bombing were actually civilian and how many were terrorists. The reality is that some of those "civilians" that Hezbollah and Lebanon are counting as being killed quite simply could be terrorists. There's no way to tell and rather than simply blaming Israel for defending themselves, let's remember who the real evil is -- the ones who fire and then run into civilian buildings to hide behind women and children.

Nobody wants to see kids die, but should everyone just throw up their arms and let evil people succeed?

Here is my full response to his post:


I still feel the Lebanese need to stop playing the victim card with every attack. When you let a group like Hezbollah grow without anyone stopping them then you can't complain when they get you into trouble.

Now not to play the Nazi card here as I'm not comparing them to Nazi's -- but to use the Nazi's as an example -- the population in Germany allowed them to flourish and take control of their destiny. So of course during World War II it was a travesty when civilians in Germany were killed on bombings because of the actions of the Nazi's. There were innocent Germans who were just going to work and raising their kids and could have cared less about the Nazi party, but the aggression and evil needed to be stopped and unfortunately the tactics of Hezbollah by hiding in civilian populations puts them at further risk.

Let's not forget who is the real blame here. A terrorist group (sponsored by countries calling for the elimination of Israel) that is attacking a country that is not looking for expansion. Israel isn't going on an offensive and trying to take over the Middle East. It is the terrorist groups that want to eliminate Israel here. So far, by judging the media reports, they seem to be getting the upper hand with sympathizers of the Lebanese people actually condemning Israel for attempting to defend themselves.

I simply can't put the blame on Israel for this. It sounds callous, but there is no other way for them to get to these launching sites without having to attack civilian areas. If there was another way to eliminate Hezbollah without killing civilians I'm pretty sure Israel would take that route as these attacks don't make them look good to a lot of people, but there's just no way to negotiate with these terrorists. They will continue to attack the civilian population in Israel until they are totally eliminated.

A cease fire would simply allow Hezbollah to regroup and rearm for more attacks in the future as has been shown time and time again in the past.

- Digger

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Posted by Digger on July 31, 2006 07:00 AM (Permalink)

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Per Israel, Hizbollah, Hamas, Lebanon, et al. I personally don't give two craps who comes out on top. There are two frames of mind relative to why the U.S. supports Israel. The first, ofcourse is that they are the only "democracy" in the region and we are obligated as such to support burgeoning democracies throughout the world. The second frame of mind, is ofcourse, that politicans in the U.S. depend on the Jewish vote.

Were the U.S., however, too support a Muslim centered country in that region over Israel 50 years ago, the whole region would most likely be filled with democratic leaning governments.

This, however, was not the purpose of my comment. My comment is that of the defending of Israel against terrorism aimed at their statehood.

Those who blog on this matter should remember that the way the state of Israel became such because they, without provocation nor legality, overtook the responsiblity of governing the Palestinian half of the U.N. mandate separating Palestine and Israel into two entities.

Why they did this, I don't know, but I do know and history proves this correct, that people such as Menachem Begin, Mosha Dayan, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin (leader of the Palmach brigade at Lod), Ariel Shiron, David Ben-Gurion, etc., honored, valued, exalted leaders of Israel, were all at once, terrorists themselves seeking the satisfaction of their desires.

Infact, the biggest Israeli terrorist among their future leaders was Begin, who ironically became a Nobel Peace Prize winner. In the '40's, he was the leader of Irgun. Begin issued a call to arms against British occupation of the region and from 1945-1948 the Irgun launched an all-out armed rebellion, perpetrating hundreds of attacks against British installations and posts. For several months in 1945-1946, the Irgun’s activities were coordinated within the framework of the Hebrew Resistance Movement. Sounds a helluva lot like the Hamas, PLO and Hizbollah of today.

So I think that we should not be so quick to accept Israel as the innocent and the Arabs as the "bad guys" while history, just 50 years ago, proves it was actually the other way around.

Posted by: RealRepublican1854 on August 1, 2006 02:28 AM

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