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Weekly Poll: "Should we have a border fence or wall along our border?"

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This weeks poll is on whether you think we should have a border fence or wall along our borders?

Vote now in the poll box on the navbar.

Your choices are:

  • No
  • Yes, only along the southern border
  • Yes, only along the northern border
  • Yes, along both borders

You can comment below on the lack of options, my choice of options or any other complaining you want to do.

Vote now in the poll box on the navbar.

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Posted by Digger on June 25, 2006 03:51 PM (Permalink)

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A better idea would be turning America into a police state: that would keep everyone out! Make it unbearable for everyone. Take away America's liberty and tax them all into poverty. Voting for the Republicans and/or Democrats should do the trick; there's no difference. Get angry at obvious sarcasm if you're with me!

Posted by: Thomas Shouf on June 25, 2006 06:51 PM

What's the point? They'll always be able to find their way into the US. What should be done is to get them documented as well as possible, and crack down on employers.

Posted by: americanpoliticsforums.com on June 26, 2006 11:27 AM

A country's borders must be watch over and monitored nomatter which border it happens to be. All borders are hotspots of drug and child trafficking.

Posted by: kate sanders on June 26, 2006 10:22 PM

The borders are a joke. Enough is enouph in the state of NC we have an estimated 400,000 Illigals and this cost the state over $250,000,000 a year. I am tired of this being a taxpayer.But what burns me more is the fact that most don't even try to learn the english language. It's time we make it harder for illigals to get the free pass and start deporting.

Posted by: Steve Allen on September 9, 2006 08:08 PM

One issue not addressed here is why is this happening? The Govt apparently has some type of agenda, we're fighting terrorism in the middle east agaist well organized forces most trained by our own CIA in joint military operations prior. We know that a number of the 911 terrorists entered the country through the Mexican and Canadian borders.We know the possiblity of this hitting home again and yet the political red tape has held up or silenced hhr 4437. I live in the epicenter of the influx Arizona, the boarder might as well not exist the ghettoization of areas throughout our southern cities is spreading and the sympathetic view on english vs spanish why ? Germans; Italians, Chinese, Japanese hell Europeans are willing to gain legal citizenship and become American citizens why arent we speaking their laguage, because they aren't too proud to learn the language of the nation they want to be part of this country as it should be. I would never assume that being a guest let alone a resident of a foriegn country that they should speak my language how arrogant is that! The truth is they want what our economy has to offer but they them selves are not willing to earn it legally. I work for the local sherrifs dept and the influx of illegals is a daily fact. Here is a spin on the hypocrisy in their Mexican constitution anyone not of mexican nationality or original citizanship of that country shall not serve in any govt city or state position you cannot become a citizen unless you are of mexican nationality and if you work in Mexico you must report mothly to a representative. This is hypocrisy at it's best is it not.We need to concentrate on the facts and not conjecture it's time to educate ourselves and not reley on mere opinion. We need to go after the people willing to employ illegals and levey heavy penaties for doing so. The fable of "the illegals are willing to do jobs that others are not" is as stated a fable that is justification to say cheaper labor is better wherein fact the trade labor here is backed by trade training; electrical, plumbing, carpentry and ect these people went to school for this and should be paid for their efforts. Most of the illegals posses no such backround in most cases and the labor offered can lead to many dangerous situations such as electrical fires flooding and structural saftey issues. I worked in the trades for 12 years and wittnessed this routinely as I had to repair work that was done improperly by Home Depot parking lot vagrants.

Posted by: Shannon on September 20, 2006 03:20 PM

No matter how many walls and fence we put up around our border, migrant workers will still find a way in. So if you think physical barriers are going to stop them, you are wrong. The root of the entire problem is in the corrupt Mexican government. 90% of the wealth in Mexico is distributed through all of a whopping 10 or 12 families which also (big surprise) control the government. The Mexican people are dirt poor and can't find any work in Mexico because of this vast imblance in wealth distribution. Then the Mexicans come over here to find work becuase we have more jobs and higher pay.
President Bush has only met twice in both his terms of office with the Mexican President. The president and the government need to do something to correct the Mexican government. Problem solved.

Posted by: Chet Carmer on March 23, 2007 12:34 AM

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