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Guantanamo Prisoners Terrorists Set Ambush For Guards

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A "prisoner" at Guantanamo Bay faked suicide in order to ambush guards. The "prisoners" spread shit and piss on the floor to make it slippery when the guards came in and then the "prisoners" attacked the guards with shanks and other metal implements.

How many more have to be hurt, injured or killed by these terrorists before we decide to stop fooling around and get serious? Allowing them to plot, plan and potentially escape? WTF!

Our vicious guards at Guantanamo must have stepped away from their beating of prisoners for a second to attempt to stop a man from committing suicide. How horrible they are.

USA Today

"This illustrates to me the dangerous nature of the men we have detained here," the detention center's commanding officer, Navy Rear Adm. Harry Harris...


In the early evening, guards spotted a detainee in Camp Four — a medium security, communal-living unit for the "most compliant" prisoners — appearing to get ready to hang himself with a bed sheet in the room he shared with nine detainees.

The apparent suicide attempt "was a ruse to get the guards to enter the compound," Harris said.

The detainees had made the floor slippery with feces, urine and soapy water and attacked 10 members of Guantanamo's quick-reaction force with fan blades, pieces of metal and broken light fixtures, Harris said.

For several minutes, the detainees appeared to have the upper hand, knocking some of the soldiers to the ground, said Army Col. Michael Bumgarner, a camp official.

"Frankly we were losing the fight at that point," Bumgarner said.

Outside, Guantanamo officials mustered 100 more guards before the quick reaction force gained control using pepper spray, unspecified "physical force," five blasts of a shotgun that fires rubber pellets and one shot from a non-lethal weapon that Bumgarner said fires a sponge-like projectile.

So, while terrorists attempt to stab, kill and maim us, we're using pepper spray and rubber pellets. Good to see the pussification of our military and guard forces at the hands of the Liberals is working out so well.

There's humanitarian and then there's just utter stupidity.

Out back, two in the head.

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