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Senate And Bush Flip Flop On English As National Language: MALDEF Demands Taxpayers Foot Bill For English Classes

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The Senate voted for English being the official national language of the US before they voted against it. In shades of John Kerry, the Senate approved an amendment to their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act -- better known as amnesty before border enforcement --which made English the national language of the United States and then later voted to approve a competing amendment that made English only the "common and unifying language" of the United States.

These "leaders" are a bunch of misfits that need to be thrown out of office. In the hopes of satisfying illegal aliens in this country they have continuously not voted for what is best for the citizens and legal residents of this country, by putting illegal foreign nationals first.

President Bush says he supports both amendments *double take*.


The White House took both sides in a dispute over English being the national language Friday as a broad immigration bill moved toward a final Senate vote next week with one conservative predicting it will never become law.


The Senate ... approved an amendment sponsored by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., that would declare English the national language. But it also approved an alternative proposal sponsored by Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., designating English the nation's "common and unifying language." Before the vote on the alternative, Inhofe warned his colleagues, "You can't have it both ways."

The White House seemed to. "We have supported both of these," Snow said of the two amendments.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, speaking Friday in Houston, added to the confusion.

"The president has never supported making English the national language," Gonzales said, adding, "I don't see the need to have legislation or a law that says English is going to be the national language."

I'm in favor of English as the national language. A law that states such would save billions in documents that are required to be printed in multiple languages for people who apparently say they want to come to this country. If you want to come and live here, then learn the language, don't expect us to have to foot the bill for you coming here.

Washington Times (via The Moderate Voice)

... the Senate approved the measure on a 63-34 vote. Virtually all Republicans were joined by 11 Democrats to approve the largely symbolic amendment. Immediately following that vote, the Senate approved a second amendment, declaring on a 58-39 vote that English is the "common and unifying language."

Such proposals enjoy overwhelming support among American voters.

A poll by Zogby International earlier this year found that 84 percent of Americans say English should be the official language of government operations. The same poll found that 77 percent of Hispanics agree.

And it's a bipartisan issue, according to the poll, which found that 92 percent of Republicans and 82 percent of Democrats approve making English the country's official language.

So what the hell is the problem here? With that amount of support what is the sticking point on getting this law through on it's own?

Well here's your answer.

Latino groups -- and illegal alien proponents -- instantly played the race card and then demanded that US taxpayers pay even more for English language classes rather than people being expected to pay for their own language learning and translation services. MALDEF at it's socialist best.

John Trasvina, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said the amendment could be misinterpreted and lead to a cutback in services for those not proficient in English.

"Latinos don't need a law passed to say we ought to learn English. There are long waiting lists for adult English classes," Trasvina said. "It's false patriotism to pass an amendment to say you ought to learn English and not fulfill your responsibility of providing the opportunities."

I wonder what the "F" and "E" in MALDEF mean? Oh, that's right they mean "Education" and "Fund", as in they supposedly have a fund for education rather than political lobbying. So, if they care so much why don't they pay for all of these English classes for Latinos rather than expecting the American people to?

Other Commentary:

Proving that this particular issue isn't partisan at all In Search of Utopia agrees with the English as a national language issue. For those who don't know David lives in Costa Rica where Spanish is the national language and he has an interesting perspective.

And then proving that some on the left will simply jump on anything that some Conservatives may bring up or get approved we have Senator Harry Reid who whips out the race card

Darleen notes that English as an official national language speeds up assimilation of new immigrants.

Balloon Juice on the idiocy of the things attached to the amendments and what they mean.

The Moderate Voice
Outside The Beltway
Right Thinking From The Left Coast
Say Anything
Roger L. Simon

and to wrap this all up in a nutshell is The Nose On Your Face who informs us that Harry Reid is introducing an interesting bill to counter this "insult" to the Hispanic people.

Beltway Traffic Jam

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i believe that if you come into america wanting to live here and ahve a better life style then you come and speak english. because the country has been speaking english for hundreds of years and should continue for millions more. being an american citizen with hispanic background i also feel that it is a disgrace to have spanish in my bloodline because spanish people play reterded and act like they dont understand english when they really do and if they are going to continue to do that then thety dont belong in this country. even though all the illegal aliens overcrowding our beautiful cities and causing gang problems and taking money out of hard working families pockets to support their low life peace of trash ways. i do realize i am being extremely racist by the way i am talking but quite frankly i dont really give a damn and i do believe we should get rid of illegal aliens and i will do anything and everything to help do so

Anthony, garcia
17years old

Posted by: anthony garcia on April 16, 2007 03:09 PM

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