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Weekly Poll Results: "Should Marijuana Be Legalized?"

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Last weeks poll was on whether Marijuana should be legal.

The results of the poll are in:

Yes 68.8%
No 31.2%

A pretty clear victory for the legalization of Marijuana. What else is there to say? I personally am pretty indifferent to Marijuana myself since I don't smoke it. My only concern would be people using it and then heading to work.

Also see the original entry for this poll where some people may have already commented and made suggestions.

Be sure to see the entry for this weeks poll and make sure you vote on the navbar.

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Posted by Digger on March 3, 2006 06:59 AM (Permalink)

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it should be legalized so people can stop smoking cigarettes. because cigarettes are alot most for you than marijuana

Posted by: joe dick on January 30, 2008 07:53 PM

marijuana calms the nervous system so people need it not like others that says it bad for you i dont understand how they can just say that with out even smoking weed in their life thats just crazy , i can tell you marijuana only effects your short term memor cause i smoke it and i know what it feels like to be high its not a bad thing and doesnt inpair your driving just be calm and drive normal everyone

Posted by: brain jones on May 15, 2008 05:07 PM

if alcohol is legal... why not marijuana??? no sane person goes to work drunk, so why would those (who don't go to work drunk) go to work high? employers can tell either way, so the punishment for both situations would need to be equal. if that's the only thing holding us back... let go! LEGALIZE IT! and by the way... i feel the same for all situations... if someone is caught driving high... the punishment should be the same as it would be for someone caught driving drunk. if it is legalized it should not be abused just as alcohol should not be abused... for the safety of ourselves and of those surrounding us.

Posted by: jane doe on March 27, 2009 09:29 AM

I strongly believe you should legalize marijuana. Please read all of this. One of the top reasons I think marijuana should be legal is the government would make a lot of money from taxes on it. Studies shown the government would make 100 billion dollars every 7 yrs if they did legalize it. Another reason why I think marijuana should become legal is that a lot of people drink alcohol because it’s the only legal drug and if weed became legal a lot of people would switch from alcohol to weed and I strongly believe marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. I think so because in 2001 there was 331 alcohol overdoses and none due to weed. Not just that but alcohol you can get physically addicited to when marijuana you can’t. If someone does experience withdrawl symptoms at all they are remarkably mild. It also doesn’t cause as much damage to the brain and liver that alcohol does. The fat cells in which that lingers are not hurt by the use of that drug. Also having a joint isn’t nearly as harmful as a can of beer. Another top reason why I think it should become legal is for medical use such as AIDS and cancer. It’s because people that have AIDS it reduces their appetite. Also it’s good for patients that have have cancer becuse it reduces the nausea they get when they go through chemotherapy. Also it’s a good solution for pain relief. Also another reason why I think is should be legal is it would reduce crime. For example, there is violece due to owing money to your dealer. If it was legal there wouldn’t be that problem because you would able to buy it at a store instead. Studies have acutually shown that weed decreases aggression not increases (like alcohol does). The other reason why I believe it should be legal is we’re using our own money on prisoners that are locked up for eather using, selling and falling drug tests. If weed was legal we wouldn’t have as many people in jail that we have to pay for. Also we let violent people and sex offenders out of jail to make room for pot users, and in my opinion I think sex offenders should be the ones in jail instead. Also marijuana enhances certain mental abilities, find new solutions to problems, enhances a persons ability to make strategic decisions and in studies people under the influence of weed have no problem remebering what they learned previously.. People that drink than drive increases their chances of risky driving, when people that smoke and drive don’t drive risky like alcohol because the person is more cautious. So that would mean a lot less traffic deaths. Studies have also shown that marijuana is not a lethal drug and not toxic to humans (like alcohol and even tobacco is). Marijuana overdoses are impossible (you have to smoke twice your body weight in lbs.) There also has been no report that marijuana causes lung cancer. American Thoracic Society in 2006 did a study that even heavy users were not found to have an increased risk of lung cancer. There was also no scientific evidence that weed doesn’t causes psychological damage or mental illness to anyone; either adults or kids. Heavy marijuana smokers don’t get any obstruction of the lung’s small airway (tobacco does cause that). Also for 25 yrs. researchers have searched for marijuana - induced amotivational syndrome and has failed to find it. In labortary studies people given high doses of weed for several months exhibit no decrease in work motivation. For examlpe, studies have shown that adults who smoke weed actually earn higher wages and college users get the same grades as non users. If you don’t want people to use marijuana then you should actually legalize it. That might sound confusing but adolescent use of marijuana is a lot lower in Netherland; which it is legal there. Another fact is there no evidence that weed causes infertility for either man or women. On top of that there has been no proof that weed causes a delay in adolescent sexual behavior. ( feminizing effects on males or masculinizing effects on females). Studies on newborns, infants and children show no consistent physical, developmental or cognitive deficits related to prenatal weed exposure. It has no impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development or physical abnormalities. Less than 2% of drug related emergency visits had to do with marijuana use. Hemp is also very hearty planty and would be good cash crops form farmers. The tobacco lobby said pot has the ability to some people to help them break the nicotine addiction. The government said that that since pot has been illegal for so long no politician have the political courage to tell the truth about pot. The ones who do tell the truth are defeated by their opponents and that paint them as a druggie.

Posted by: samantha on May 3, 2009 04:54 PM

marijuana should be legalized and sold in places like how ciggarettes are sold i think it is a pointless idea letting alcohol be legal when its proven it kills a worrying amount of people where as weed doesnt. alcohol makes you violent ?? weed makes you calm and relaxed, i see the goverments have no brain in thier heads

Posted by: guy wilson on October 5, 2009 04:28 PM

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