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Weekly Poll: "Should Marijuana Be Legalized?"

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This weeks poll is on whether Marijuana should be legalized?

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Your choices are:

  • Yes

  • No

You can comment below on the lack of options, my choice of options or any other complaining you want to do.

Vote now in the poll box on the navbar.

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Posted by Digger on January 24, 2006 08:30 AM (Permalink)

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Legalization would mean a lower price; thus, related crimes (like theft) would be reduced.

Posted by: alexis on April 26, 2007 09:25 AM

Marijuana needs to be legalized!
It is not dangerous at all. The only reason people think it is bad is because it has been illegal for 70 years and people have grown up with the government saying its bad when its really not. The government has no right to say we can't use the herb that God has created. Besides it makes you feel good and relieves stress. No one causes any trouble while they use it because it makes you feel peaceful. Just about everyone in the US has used it at some point. Also by making it legal it would open up more jobs and probably get us out of this economic crisis. Just the thought of people being locked up for using the herb is absolutly insane!
"The people who want it illegal are only the few, most the world wants it legal"
"When tou smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself"
-Bob Marley
Before the government wrongly accuses people of it they need to try it first, then they'll see it's a blessing and not a curse.
I hope people see this message so the government will finally do whats right.

-Love to all

Posted by: Parker on December 17, 2008 03:48 PM

I am a long time firm supporter of marijuana legalization.The United State's government's current policies are completely assanine.The prohibition of marijuana is costing taxpayers entirely too much money.It is absolutely ridiculous to put someone in jail for marijuana possession or even for growing it.Recent surveys have shown that about 12% of federal and state prisoners are incarcerated for marijuana offenses.I do not see how it is moral or even in the taxpayers best interest to jail people for marijuana.
Another interesting point is that prohibiting a drug that is so commonly used(in fact it is the main cash crop in many states)only gives gangs and organized crime a very lucrative source of income.A great example is the prohibition of alcohol.After the jackasses in government made alcohol illegal organized crime flourished and crime rates and violence increased dramatically.
Legalizing marijuana would generate tax revenue and create jobs.Some critics would argue that marijuana prohibition creates jobs but those jobs are not productive at all.We basically pay the DEA to go out and cost us money.STOP THE ASSANINE PRACTICE OF MARIJUANA PROHIBITION!!!!!!

Posted by: jay on March 5, 2009 09:13 PM

I am a brain aneurysm/brain cancer survivor, NYer-SFranciscian/9-11 survivor, and an alcoholic. I am also a high-functioning autistic adult who graduated 2nd in a class of 500 in high school and went on to college on a full scholarship that resulted in a Business & Psychology degree. I went through college with the experience that smoking pot was the only thing that helped me calmly achieve my degree following the abandoment of alcohol my senior year. After college, I continued to not drink, and for 14 years, smoking without drinking is what keeped me focused enough to be productive and be a high-tax bracket contributor in the USA. After having my aneurysm and losing my health coverage, I began drinking again and stopped smoking. This all occurred after my aneurysm and the cancer that was soon to follow. When I left SF following the aneurysm and had no access to marijuana (I was a card-holder in California), my drinking increased and my health suffered. I became a character similar to the Nicholas Cage character in 'Leaving Las Vegas'. I went from being a person in control of my life, to one who has come close to losing everything. Today I have no access to marijuana, as I am on the east coast and cannot afford it. It is also illegal for me here, even though I still own property in SF. As a result, I sometimes drink, I'm always depressed, and I am close to homeless. I cannot get a job, as I am over-qualified for most positions, and constantly stuggling to be productive while I continuously suffer insomnia, and have no access to any medication whatsoever. If I start smoking pot again, I will have less luck getting a job, and will be in a position to not afford any remedy that halts suffering. Should I move to Amsterdam, stop drinking, smoke a joint, sleep every 72 hours, and be away from my support system while truly alone? I frequently wonder if I should I stay in the U.S., lose everything, drink constantly, and live off the system? I think the answer is easier than programmed/misinformed/uneducated Americans can arrive at... Marijuana is a natural substance that can have a positive effect on society if legalized! After all, we rarely hear of people getting stoned, killing people through reckless endangerment, and satisfying the underworld through govermentally- supported indifference. By allowing a naturally formed substance to prevail we would avoid so many problems and possibly profit in a way that our Dutch brothers/sisters would gladly embrace! As a gay Arab-American with documented disabilities, I can figure this all out, while others can't; why can't the rest of America see things this way? I guess it is hard to see the flowers through the trees when so much BUSH still exists!

Posted by: mark vincent k on December 30, 2009 06:34 PM

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