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Maryland Seeks To Ban Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses

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A bipartisan bill coming forth in Maryland would require proof of legal residency for drivers licenses and outlaw the issuing of drivers licenses to illegal aliens. This bill comes more that 2 years in advance of the Real ID act specifications requiring proof of legal residency and could go into force as soon as October.

Another bill from Republican Richard Impallaria, which hasn't been brought up yet, is even tougher and would ban illegal aliens from driving at all and also have an automatic 1 year suspension of licenses for those allowing illegal aliens to drive their cars.

I like the latter bill better as it send the signal that illegal aliens shouldn't be driving and punishes those helping them to do so.

Illegal alien supporters and proponents came out throwing the race card down and complaining that not giving illegal aliens drivers licenses would make the streets less safe and that it would hurt poor people in this country.

Here's the argument from illegal alien supporters.


The Maryland bill, heard by a House committee Tuesday, brought out about three dozen opponents who wore light yellow T-shirts that read, "Immigrants Build This Country." Opponents testified that Maryland should wait for more details on the federal ID requirements before moving to ban illegal immigrant drivers.

Kim Propeack of Casa de Maryland, an immigrant advocacy group, said that early implementation could hurt even natural-born citizens. She argued that some people don't have birth certificates or passports, especially poor people, and that an illegal immigrant driving ban would be premature.

"I think it's too early," she said.

Casa De Maryland, how quaint. Her idiotic assertion is that poor people don't have birth certificates and passports, but her real argument is that it's premature to ban illegal aliens from driving when they shouldn't be.

In effect she is saying that "they shouldn't be driving at all, but let's not stop them just yet". I ask you why we should wait Kim Propeack? If you admit that there should be an illegal alien driving ban, why should we wait?

I don't understand your reasoning? Is it because you haven't yet found a reason why they should be driving and you're hoping to stall until you can find one? Or are you just hoping to keep delaying the ban indefinitely?

Either way you're wrong. These people shouldn't even be in the country let alone be on the roads or have legal identification which allows them to open bank accounts, fly around the country and in general receive all the benefits a citizen or legal resident of this country has.

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yo quiero tacobell!!

Posted by: la tulla on April 26, 2006 03:09 PM

no one that is here illegally should have any of the same rights as legal citizens. If they are not willing to pay the same taxes, get the same wages, obey the same rules they should not be allowed to be here. Period. End of story. If they dont like the way their country is being run, then they need to get rid of their country's president and stop demanding the same rights as a citizen of another country is entitled to. There is no way thousands of Americans could illegally walk, or sneak into Russia, China, France or any other country and expect to be given the same rights as their legal citizens. Illegal immigrants should not be entitled to demonstration rights either.

Posted by: fed up with bs on May 10, 2006 07:17 PM

I see where in SAN FRACISCO their ultra liberal community is paying the price for making itself a sancuary for illegal aliens they have already had several deaths cuased by illegal aliens THE PRIVE THEY PAY FOR THE STUPIDIDY OF LIBERAL NAMBDY PAMBDY DOOFUSES THAT RUNS THAT WRETCHED PLACE

Posted by: Flu-Bird on January 4, 2009 04:06 PM

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