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Judge Rejects Debra Lafave Plea Deal

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debra_lafave.jpgMarion County circuit judge Hale Stancil has rejected a plea agreement for Debra Lafave. Lafave, a former teacher, is now notorious for engaging in sex with a 14-year-old student. Her defense team was in negotiations with the prosecution in a plea agreement in Marion County after the prosecution was approached by the victims family.

Judge Stancil "expressed some concerns" about the plea agreement the prosecutions presented and rejected it.

Debra Lafave reached a plea agreement in Hillsborough County on Nov. 22, 2005 which gave her three years of "community control" -- basically house arrest -- and seven years probation.

This should be a lesson to everyone, if you're going to be a pedophile teacher and molest a 14-year-old, only do it in one county, that way you'll only get house arrest.

St Petersburg Times

Assistant State Attorney Stacy Youmans declined to comment on the terms of the plea agreement.

She said, while it was not connected to the plea deal approved in Hillsborough County, it was pursued for similar reasons.

"We had reached a plea agreement for the same reasons that the Hillsborough office did. Prior to being contacted by the victims and their families, our office intended to offer nothing but prison time," she said. "Once we were contacted by the victims and their families, we changed our focus."

The prosecution and defense are already in negotitations to present another plea agreement before the trial date on April 10, 2006.

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There is no doubt that Debra Lafave is in need of something, if not jail time. she claims to be a Christian. As a Christian myself, I know at times that life can throw some strange things in your path; but a 14 year old student? Please!!! There is no excuse for that sort of behavior, and no explanation short of she is simply a child molester. Tell it the way it is, SIN is SIN! She needs to admit it. Take her due punishment.Repent. Get back where she belongs, IF Jesus IS the Lord of here life. Christians arent perfect. But when they blow it, they need to get it handled properly as prescribed by scripture. Dont play the legal spin doctor game.

Posted by: John Q. Christian on September 13, 2006 02:51 PM

Double standard if you have a combination of being...white woman of any kind, old white men, stupid, rich and pretty the legal fraternity still cannot handle these cases. Next time a blonde woman rape your kid it is bipolar.....legally speaking tips for all you young aspiring lawyers.......America is a joke...morally bankrupt and a world circus and then to add insult to injuries she had a chance to explain herself as "crossing the line" I could never be an American....not even for a day....embarrasing to all the poor innocent victims that are on lock down with three strikes for petty stealing....well with a further slap in the face she in under house arrest for making a slight err....dispicable and disgusting from a parents point of view.

Posted by: Anonymous on September 13, 2006 11:44 PM

Everyone saying how the boy is getting high fives and all.
!!!WRONG!!! Having lived through a media circus I can tell
you there are TV cameras, lights, microphones, reporters,
talk shows, Internet (like this), had to show my ID to get
to my house, and on and on and on.... And I was just an innocent neighbor! It got real old real fast! Do any of you know his name has been published in the European media and it took legal action to get it removed (you can still find it if you know where to look)? Did you know he and his family are subjected to the same snickers and stares as this 'Teacher From Hell '? Did you know that if the case had gone to trial it would have been covered on Court TV? High Fives? I think not! This 'Ms. Beasley' is simply the Devil in disguise and has ruined a lot of lives especially* her own. This is not fun. It's not the kid's nor his family's fault 'Ms. Beasley' can't keep her mouth and legs closed but I can assure you they're sure as in Hell paying for it! And speaking of Hell I hope 'Ms. Beasley' goes straight back there where she came from and rots! Fuck you very much Ms. Beasly, you sanctimonious, self centered bitch!

Posted by: Someone Who Knows on September 15, 2006 10:53 AM

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