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Bill O'Reilly "Holiday Ornaments", Hypocrisy At Fox News? The Christmas Debate

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You figure with all the railing on how Christmas is being removed from stores over at Fox News that they would be trumpeting it. From The O'Reilly Factor's constant memo's on the subject to John Gibson's endless pimping of his book The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought, they have been bombarding us with examples of "Christmas hate" before the buying season even started.

Then you look around and say WTF! when you see someone send you information that Fox News itself is doing the same thing.


They have since fixed the above and made them "Christmas Ornaments", but have left it as a "Holiday Tree". WTF is a "Holiday Tree"?

Anyway, some were calling for a boycott of Fox News.

I owe no allegiance to Fox News. Liberals are already shouting with glee at the screw up.

Now having run a number of web properties I can tell you that this was one person -- maybe not even employed directly by Fox News -- who manages their products and does updating. More than likely an out of house hosting company for their store. The fact that it was fixed so quickly -- within hours -- shows that.

It's still funny when someone gets caught in their own "holier than thou" moment. I'm not saying I'm opposed to the Christmas message they are sending, I'm just saying it's an ironic chucklefest that this would happen after their speaking out so vehemently against it.

I'm more in-line with David Anderson of In Search Of Utopia who says:

I also recognize that there are other faiths and believe that we should not have a "state religion," in the U.S.. That is about the extent of my thinking on the issue.

Look, I kind of find it sad to see Christmas as I knew it growing up going away, but I'm not going to sit here and yell at people like Fox News constantly does. I find their constant ranting on the issue as absolutely ridiculous. Maybe one story, but a whole book and a daily memo and polls? Ridiculous!

Where I do draw the line however is traditional Christmas parades and the like being changed, renamed or modified. Tradition is something that is great about this country and to see that stuff being pushed into a gutter is sad. If you don't like private businesses who celebrate "Winter Holiday", don't shop there, but get off you high horse and stop telling me that I should be outraged about it.

Anyway, some are still calling for a beheading boycott of Fox News in under 72 hours unless they change Holiday Tree to Christmas Tree. I won't boycott them, but if they don't fix it they look like a bunch of asshats.

Here's some contact information at Fox just in case you'd like to drop them a note.

Bill O'Reilly
John Gibson

Fox News Contact Page
(888) 369-4762
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

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Calling Christmas a "sacred Christian holiday" is more of an offense to our Lord and Savior than calling an ornament a "holiday" ornament.

Posted by: Ralph on December 1, 2005 08:07 AM

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