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Michelle Malkin Takes Out Instapundit For First On Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem

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I've been waiting for this moment for awhile. Not because I hate Glenn Reynolds, but because ever since I first saw Michelle Malkin doing a small piece on TV on illegal immigration I've been following her substantial growth. Not only in TV appearances, but through her books and columns and from day 1 on the Blogosphere.

Michelle Malkin has taken the number one spot on the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem.

I'm happy for Michelle and am proud to be on her blogroll. While she's slipped away from my passionate issue of illegal immigration recently and spread her wings, she still comes up with compelling articles on the subject. She also posts to another blog she created and hosts, The Immigration Blog.

She's endured some of the most vicious hate mail, racial slurs and attacks from the left and has come out shining and standing above it all. To see a Filipino-American (she'd probably correct me and say "umm..just American dork") succeed just warms my heart. I have a love for the Filipino people and though I've been harsh on them in some of my previous posts, it is because I see such potential in them for greatness that they fail to see in themselves. They continue to allow themselves to be held back by corruption in both their government and police forces and through a class system that makes it near impossible for anyone to move out of their "assigned" status.

For Michelle to succeed as both a woman AND a Filipino in the harsh world of political commentary just shows that in this great country anyone can succeed no matter how many perceived "disadvantages" you may think you have. If Michelle had played the victim card and said "there's no chance for a woman -- or Filipino -- to succeed" in her arena of choice, she no doubt would have fulfilled her prophecy and would not be where she is today.

I meant for this to be a simple "congratulations" post, but it seems to have turned into some sort of motivational/hope piece. Oh well, when discussing Michelle it's hard to not notice her accomplishments.

Congratulations Michelle!

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Posted by Digger on November 27, 2005 05:11 AM (Permalink)

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heh, well that is something now isnt it?

Posted by: Jane on November 27, 2005 11:48 AM

Oh please, you just don't get it. Don't you realize that Michelle is so successful BECAUSE she's a female, filipino that's right wing. Obviously, there aren't many minority women who will trumpet the values of those on the right. Being a minority female gives her political correctness protection as it's harder to attack her because of her background. As a minority, people assume that perhaps you've a better understanding of issues as you're supposivly able to see issues from a different point of view. Unfortunately, when you look deeper into MM, what you really get is someone who has sold just herself out. Many people dislike Miichelle because she's a hypocrit. There are many filipinos in this country struggling to survive, many here illegally. Yet, she would turn her back on these people for the sake of selling a few books.

It's interesting that MM is one of these minorities who seems to take ever opportunity to distance themselves fom their cultural background. ALmost as if she's embarrassed that her family was once from a small series of islands in the south Pacific. I'd be real curious to see what MM opinion on the Elvira Arellano case would be being that she was an anchor baby herself. Her parents were originally here on a work visa and allowed to stay in this country as a result her birth.

Bottomline, take note of the name of MM video blog and realize that she truly is full of hot air.

Posted by: hangingchad on August 31, 2006 04:20 AM

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