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France Riots Subsiding (?) As "Only" 271 Cars And Two Schools Torched Last Night

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Day 18(!) of the riots in France. Can you believe that? 18 days of this crap and all the government can do is say "please don't come out after dark". What a bunch of ignorant incompetent politicians.

The media sure is quick to say the riots in France are subsiding. I've read it in just about every paper this morning. Now imagine if two schools and 271 cars were burned in your neighborhood last night. Would you say the riots in your town are subsiding?

I sure wouldn't. I'm not sure why the media is so out of touch on this situation. Most of them barely covered it for the first week. Then when covering it they made it sound like a bunch of frat boys had a party. Now they're declaring it over as at least 5 police were injured last night.

On top of this the French are now asking the EU to pay for their ignorance and dealing with the immigration situation. The animals in that area are lucky I'm not in charge because I'd leave their towns the way they burned them and make them live with no cars or schools and patrol the area with the military day and night shooting thugs on sight.

Did you know the French government is paying these people like $900 a month in welfare alone?

San Jose Mercury News

France's national police chief said Sunday that the country's worst rioting since the 1960s seemed to be nearing an end, but violence persisted into the night, with at least two schools set on fire and dozens of cars torched.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso proposed that the European Union give $58 million to France for helping riot-hit towns recover. He said the EU could make up to $1.2 billion available in longer-term support.

In scattered attacks overnight into today, vandals rammed a car into a primary school in the southern city of Toulouse before setting the building on fire. In northern France, arsonists set fire to a sports center in the suburb of Faches-Thumesnil and a school in the town of Halluin.

A gas canister exploded inside a burning garbage can in the Alpine city of Grenoble, injuring two police officers, the national police said. Elsewhere, three officers were injured.


Sunday was the 18th night of unrest, but the storm of arson attacks and other violence has lost steam since the government declared a state of emergency Wednesday.

The number of cars burned nightly has steadily decreased -- from 502 overnight into Saturday, to 374 overnight into Sunday, to 271 as today began. A week earlier, 1,400 cars were incinerated in a night.


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