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Simultaneous Bombings In Bali Kill At Least 26, Injure More Than 100

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Three simultaneous bombs in Bali restaurants Saturday killed at least 26 and injured more than 100. This came just days before the third anniversary of the Nightclub bombings in 2002. The attacks are believed to be the works of Jemaah Islamiyah, al-Qaeda of Southeast Asia, and the same group that carried out the 2002 attacks.

In September 2004 I reported on one of the Bali bombers being spotted at Starbucks with the head of the narcotics and drug department for Indonesia. From the entry:

Ali Imron, the so-called repentant bomber sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the attacks which claimed more than 200 lives, was spotted having coffee at Starbucks with the director of Indonesian narcotics and drugs Brigadier-General Gorries Mere.
There's a lot more at the entry. I guess when you treat terrorists like this they don't get the message that they aren't wanted. Now we have this horrible situation yesterday.

News 24

The blasts tore through three packed tourist restaurants on the Indonesian resort island on Saturday evening, creating all-too-familiar scenes of bloody chaos just days before the third anniversary of the nightclub attacks there.

Officials said tourists from Britain, the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea were among the dead and the scores of injured.


He said the attacks bore the hallmarks of Jemaah Islamiyah, the al-Qaeda-linked Southeast Asian organisation that carried out the October 12, 2002 Bali blasts that killed 202 people.

Bali really is a beautiful country. I hope they now take terrorism seriously and begin a massive crackdown.

Manwhore over at Right Thinking From The Left Coast has this to say

As you all know I am married to a Chinese Indonesian and nothing boils my blood more than this topic. The writing was on the wall that this country is the next Afghanistan. Aussies tried to tell us when they intervened in East Timor. My wife was banished from the country during the Chinese genocide. ‘Free Willy’ stood by while thousands of Chinese Indonesians were raped, murdered, and their businesses burned by the wholly Muslim native population. My wife (as many Chinese immigrants to Indo are) is a Catholic/Buddihst who has told me countless stories of avoiding Christmas mass for fear of bombings. Bombings that were a reality in her lifetime.

Interested-Participant has a timeline of events as they unfolded.

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