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The Bali Bombers Coffee Break

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I know I'm late on doing a story on this as I see other websites have picked up on it. It was in my queue, but I just now got around to it.

via News.Com Australia:

ONE OF the main Bali bombers has been let out of prison to have coffee at a popular shopping mall in central Jakarta, it was reported today. [Sep. 2 - ed]

Ali Imron, the so-called repentant bomber sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the attacks which claimed more than 200 lives, was spotted having coffee at Starbucks with the director of Indonesian narcotics and drugs Brigadier-General Gorries Mere.

When challenged by journalists the pair and a number of black-clad armed police guards fled to a waiting car and sped off, Detik.com news said tonight.

"I walk often with Pak (Mr) Gorries," Ali Imron said in response to questions.

Oh yeah this sends the right message to would be terrorists in Indonesia. Bomb and kill some people, say you're remorseful and be treated to coffee and conversation. The story continues:
After his arrest Ali Imron showed police how he mixed, then packed, the explosives into the bomb that was detonated outside the Sari Club.

He also helped train the two suicide bombers involved in the attack and drove the bomb van to within a few hundred metres of the blast site.

So not only did he make the bombs, he trained the individuals and drove the van. I'd say he played just a minor role and deserves our sympathy.
The pair were spotted shortly after 7pm (10pm AEST) at a Starbucks store on the second floor of the newly opened Entertainment X'Nter and movie complex beside the swank Plaza Indonesia shopping centre beside the Welcome Fountain in central Jakarta. They had coffee together for almost three hours and also moved on to the nearby Hard Rock Cafe.
I guess this is good for Starbucks and the Hard Rock Cafe, I mean no publicity is bad publicity, right guys? Not that they had anything to do with it, but I can just see the marketing guys rubbing their hands at once again getting their names in a paper.

See, this is what is wrong with these countries not taking terrorism seriously. How many more indonesia attacks do there need to be before they're pissed off at someone this vicious and calculating instead of rewarding them with coffee, a meal and some partying?

Dr. Rusty Shackleford beat me to the story by a mile and with some humor:

In related news, Ted Kaczynski spotted with John Ashcroft splitting an orignal glazed down at Krispy Kreme. Yeah, our 'allies' really hate the terrorists.
Interested Participant makes this assumption:
The sheer audacity of this incident would seem to indicate a serious level of corruption in the Indonesian police.
Maybe so, I'm not sure if it's not just simply ignorance to the real world or just plain stupidity.

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