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Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi Calls For Military Technology On Mexican Border

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Republican Congressman Rick Renzi of Arizona, a front-line state in the fight against illegal immigration, has called for deployment of military technology all along the nearly 2000 mile southern border. The technology consists of intelligence laden Aerostat balloons that have night vision capabilities. The balloons are already in use by the Department of Defense in other areas. The total cost for monitoring the whole border: $500 million. Sounds like a cheap deal to me and is worth a shot after the billions that have failed.

Those in support of illegal aliens of course are opposed to us patrolling our border or in any way deterring illegal immigration and quickly came up with some excuses not to implement it.


... Rafael Laveaga, a spokesman for the Mexican Embassy here, warned Wednesday that such an idea "could be in conflict with Mexican law." He said Mexico's Constitution does not permit police activity by agencies of other nations, unless done with the cooperation of the Mexican government.


The idea of using military intelligence technology, Renzi said, "is not to spy into Mexico to steal some sort of industrial secrets or something."

But he conceded it likely would require discussions between the State Department and Mexico for it to proceed.

Renzi also acknowledged that there already are several other immigration reform proposals before Congress, including those seeking to address the flow of undocumented immigrants seeking work in the United States.

But Renzi said he believes the United States first must secure its borders before embracing a comprehensive immigration policy to address guest workers.


John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank based in Alexandria, Va., said Renzi's plan to use military technology to peer across the border for potential undocumented immigrants and smugglers does not, in his view, raise any privacy concerns.

After all, he said, those individuals, if spotted, are clearly "out in the open."

But Frank Sharry, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said a build-up of law enforcement and equipment along the border has not worked so far in stemming the tide of illegal immigration. He said ideas to improve or tighten border security, such as Renzi's, must still be combined with the creation of more legal channels for people to come to this country and work.

Sharry of course says nothing has worked so far, so we should stop trying and just let them flood in at will. What an asshat.

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