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Another Bad Bush Appointee, Ambassador To Israel Richard Jones

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After my recent entry on Bush nominee Julie Myers and her lack of qualifications to head the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, I was a little disturbed to see the qualifications -- or lack thereof -- of Richard Jones, the new Ambassador to Israel. Jones has even admitted that he is "a novice in dealing with Israel". Questionable appointment? I think so.

Washington Times

... the new U.S. ambassador to Israel, Richard Jones, most recently Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's right-hand man on Iraq, has "roots in the Arab world so deep," reports the Washington Post, "that his beloved greyhound is named Kisa — for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his first posting in the Arab world." Explains Mr. Jones: "Maybe they wanted someone who could provide the Arab perspective, too." Which is weird, at best. Of all countries, Israel certainly knows the Arab point of view, historically delivered at gunpoint. But why, oh why, is the American ambassador concerned with presenting the Arab point of view? Is the Arab point of view the American point of view? And where does that leave us in the so-called war on terror?

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Other Commentary:

The Bow Ramp who doesn't find him such a bad appointment after reading that Jones has a price on his head from Hezbollah. Does being hated by terrorists make you qualified though? There has to be someone out there who would be more suitably qualified.

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Posted by Digger on September 24, 2005 02:26 AM (Permalink)

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Actually, I'm neutral because I DON'T know much about him. I just thought it interesting that everyone was quoting his dog's name as some indication of favoritism towards the Arabs. It just seemed to me that anyone who was truly sensitive to Arab culture would not have a pet dog to begin with, and secondly, wouldn't name it after Saudi Arabia--unless he was trying to deliver a subtle insult. I also picked up on the fact that this guy is a career Foreign Service guy. Important, high profile ambassadorships usually go to political appointees. Dr. Demarche noted that as well in the comments to my post. Just because the guy is a Middle-East specialist at State doesn't necessarily mean he's pro-Arab. Lets just wait and see what he does in Israel and then make up our minds.

Posted by: 74 on September 24, 2005 11:11 AM

Richard Jones, the snake-head of Kuwait-Iraq corruption. Before US Forces invaded Iraq through UNIKOM's controlled Kuwaiti-Iraqi border, he had already established a well lubricated fully operational corrupt forces in the criminal hands of Kuwaitis. His close and personal friend Sultan Eisa and his US educated son Tariq Sultan Eisa who got the biggest reward for being a close and personal friend of Ambassador Richard Jones PWC). Along with him, the Commercial Attache Patricia Gonzales raked equally large financial funds through illicit political influence paddling. In addition to Tariq Sultan Eisa of famed Sultan Markets in Kuwait, Ambassador Jone's other personal and close friends got equally bigger contracts months before our illegal invasion of Iraq. Some of his close personal Kuwait friends who got contract worth billions (yes billions not millions) of dollars are: Jawad Abu Khamseen, the front man for Sheikh Hamad, son of the present Amir of Kuwait fronting for him running his all the Holiday Inns inculding the Crwon Plaza in Ferwania, Kuwait., The Al Kazmi Group., Yosef Al Ghanim, Al-Merzouk, Al- Mulla et al. These are some of his very close personal friends who wined, dined and showered the criminals at the Kuwaiti embassy with all kinds of very large gifts, cash deposits through their set up front-men to deny all the facts. The sinister network of Ambassador Jones are the "who's who of Kuwait". Almost in all cases, most of the American companies and individuals were denied those contracts that were rewarded to his personal friends and their friends. We have dates, names, places, amounts, gifts information etc., but the Criminal State Department under equally criminal Secretary Rice didn't want hear anything about their dirty tricks for it would be another dark spot in criminal Bush and Co's dirty laundry. Ambassador Jones is for himself as he realized that the criminal acts were planted and initiated by his bosses starting from the kingpin criminal Dick Chaney and Co. through Haliburton, KBR and the rest of the criminals with self proclaimed rightful and legitimate prime contractors claims. The entire house of Jones and his buddies stinks with bribes, kick-backs, secret accounts and the rest. None dare investigate this criminal mafia operation initiated and designed by the Ambassador Jones and his criminal gang of thugs at the Kuwait embassy.

Posted by: Ed Melik, Esq. on February 25, 2009 06:14 PM

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