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First Day Of Class In Southern California Shows Effects Of Illegal Aliens On The Classroom

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EdWonk over at The Education Wonks reports that his first day of school shows his class sizes packed to the gills at 35 students per class. While he goes on to cover the salary cuts, lack of teachers and other things of that nature, he failed to mention the reason there are teacher shortages and salary cuts.

The reason is obvious. The mass influx of illegal aliens into his region -- which is along the Mexican border near San Diego -- over the years have packed the schools solid and forced the schools to try and split classes up to lower the class sizes. This has gone on for years and there's not enough teachers or money to bring in more. Why is there less money? Well a lot of illegal aliens working under the table and not paying taxes is one reason. The other is that their employers don't have to pay their fair share of payroll taxes.

Illegal aliens use the facilities, the teachers, the free lunches and other services in the community, but do not pay in a dime. They use hospital Emergency Rooms for general care and don't have to pay and have no insurance. The direct effect of illegal immigration can be seen in this single post by EdWonk.

  • Massive class sizes due to education cuts and lack of ability to support the massive invasion of illegal aliens.
  • Lower salary due to lack of tax income and the amount of social services being paid to illegal aliens.
  • Displacement of workers by illegal aliens forcing those here legally to settle for lower income and requiring welfare services themselves.
It's a never ending spiral that will not stop until the gates are closed and the illegal aliens are deported.

The Education Wonks

As I predicted, each of my classes was stuffed to the maximum of 35 students each, for a total enrollment of 175 history students and 24 students in homeroom.

Today, I'll probably get another in first period for an even 200.


When I started teaching back in 1991, most classes in our school only had 22-25 students each. Since that time, our school's teaching staff has been downsized by eight positions.


Classroom teachers have just been informed that due to higher insurance premiums, we will be taking a pay-cut of approximately $200 per month.

As with last year, my paychecks will be smaller than they were 4 years ago.

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