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Pat Buchanan Calls For Impeachment Bill Against Bush For Lack Of Immigration Enforcement

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Pat Buchanan in an editorial calls for a Republican to file an impeachment bill against President Bush for his lack of action against illegal aliens. If this is what's needed to defend our border so be it.


A president like Teddy Roosevelt would have led the Army to the border years ago. And if Fox did not cooperate, T.R. would have gone on to Mexico City. Nor would Ike, who deported all illegal aliens in 1953, have stood still for this being done to the country he had defended in war.


Where is Bush? All wrapped up in the issue of whether women in Najaf will have the same rights in divorce and custody cases as women in Nebraska. His legislative agenda for the fall includes a blanket amnesty for illegals, so they can be exploited by businesses who want to hold wages down as they dump the social costs for their employees – health care, schools, courts, cops, prisons – onto taxpayers.


George Bush is chief executive of the United States. It is his duty to enforce the laws. Can anyone fairly say he is enforcing the immigration laws? Those laws are clear. People who break in are to be sent back. Yet, more than 10 million have broken in with impunity. Another million attempt to break in every year. Half a million succeed. Border security is homeland security. How, then, can the Department of Homeland Security say America is secure?


Twice, George Bush has taken an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Article IV, Section 4 of that Constitution reads, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion."


Well, we are being invaded, and the president of the United States is not doing his duty to protect the states against that invasion. Some courageous Republican, to get the attention of this White House, should drop into the hopper a bill of impeachment, charging George W. Bush with a conscious refusal to uphold his oath and defend the states of the Union against "invasion."

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Other Commentary:

In Search of Utopia where David says this just shows that Republicans are waking up to Bush's failure. It's a single issue David, there's a lot I still agree with Bush on, but not everything.

Protein Wisdom who says that these cries of xenophobia actually hurt the reform movement. I disagree, it's about enforcing the law and defending our country from the travesty that illegal immigration brings to citizens, legal immigrants and communities.

Jay Tea at Wizbang agrees with me and Buchanan.

Don Singleton
The Aurora

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If Bush and the congress are defending our Constution, why then are they selling us down the road with NAFTA,CAFTA and Agenda 21? Why is there UN. Buildings in New Mexico? Why are there check stations in various states being constructed 62 or 82 miles from the boarder? Why do certain powers to be want to have our country return to the way it was 500 yrs. ago? Should I go on?
Does this mean that all men and women that died in all wars this country has ever fought have died in VAIN?
These questions need to be answerd and brought to the American Public.
The Constitution is not is not being enforced, it is being eroded away bit by bit, not only by all the politicians in DC. But by the Surpriem Court Justes's

Posted by: Jim on September 10, 2005 11:58 PM

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