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SaveOurState To Hold Second Rally At Baldwin Park June 25, 2005

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sos_oside_3.jpg SaveOurState.org is returning to Baldwin Park this weekend (June 25) to hold a second rally where they were attacked by Mexican reconquistas and supporters of illegal aliens on May 14th, 2005 (pics and video here). One female protester with Save Our State was sent to the hospital after being hit in the head by a bottle. To shouts of "Go back to Europe", "viva al-Zarqawi, the Gringo Killer" and open declaration that California would be retaken by Mexico, the hatred was spewed from the crowd against the protesters.

sos_oside_2.jpg Save Our State is protesting a taxpayer funded monument in Baldwin Park at the Metrolink Station declaring that California would once again be part of Mexico.




Here is more information from SaveOurState.org

Baldwin Park, CA
Corner of Pacific & Downing (at Metrolink Rail Station)

12 PM - 2 PM
Saturday, June 25th

For more information on the rally see the SaveOurState.org website. If you are planning on attending you'd do yourself a good favor by going over to the website and reading the comments there. Supporters of illegal aliens have already made plans themselves to show up and are spreading the word that this rally against the monument is by a bunch of racists.

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Blow that shit up.

Posted by: Rightwing spic on June 22, 2005 09:56 AM

These people are so disgusting with their blatant racism and prejudice against Americans who are Caucasian. Their acidic spewing and reprehensible behavior in response to another group (SOS) exercising it's First Amendment rights in response to an obviously anti-American statue/monument demonstrates without doubt of their contempt, disgust and hatred of Caucasians which is impossible to ignore or deny. I mean, just look at the signs. One sign says "White Trash" and another says something about "No Racism" (I can't fully make out the words on the sign, but I can see the "No Racisma".) Yeah, right. They claim "No more racism" as if we are racist against them, but look at the other sign! They are racist against Caucasians. What utter hypocrites they are!

Oh, and I just love how they equate the Save Our State organization to Nazis by way of saying "SOS = swastika". Yeah, as if that's original, and Leftists never, ever resort to Nazi name-calling. I hope this turns out to be a case of Godwin's law wherein whomever uses the Nazi word first is the loser.

I'm so sick of these people. And I'm not just speaking metaphorically. These atrocious people really make me sick to my stomach because they are so filled with hatred for "whites" that they can't see what exemplary specimens of bigots they truly are when they claim "whites are racist."

Posted by: Kasey on June 22, 2005 11:52 AM

fuck yeahhhh we gon take back wats ours
FUCK YOU ALL WHITE TRASH GRINGOS out deir you gon be our slaves ha fukn loosers

Posted by: Arturo Sanguino on May 13, 2009 01:18 AM

Well Arturo first learn proper grammar! Second this is the United States! And third? If you don't like that? Then move to the third world shithole known as Mexico! And as for our ever being slaves? When my 168GrHPBT match .308 round tears thru your pathetic brain? You go ahead and have that as your last thought! Aztlan Reconquista? Don't make me laugh! Just the Latino armed forces Veterans alone would obliterate your little neo marxist pipe dream before it began. Which would be dissapointing to me, as I'd like nothing better than to be operational again I'd hate to miss it! Kind of dull since I left the military you know? So in essence? Bring it on you piece of greasy shit! Your carcasses can rot and be torn apart by dogs in the street just like in Iraq ! So let's play ball and we will see who will be who's BITCH!;-). That monument is a Urinal btw. Piss is better than it deserves!

Posted by: 11BravoVet on November 21, 2010 10:33 AM

WhEN WAs DiS i W0ULd'vE G0NE ANd PR0TESTEd AGAiNsT th0SE RAciSt biTcHEs tHAt ARe MAd Abt A M0NuMEnt..tUrNs 0UT yUhh gRiNg0S REAlly ARE M0RE mESSEd uP... hUgE Ass ExAmPlE PiSSiNg 0N A PUbLiC M0NumENt iN A pARk!!! GUeSS WAt... LiKE iT 0R N0T tHiS WAs MExic0 0NcE!!!

Posted by: DiANA on December 3, 2010 09:45 PM

the whole point of this is not to be racist. as a mexican i am very upset of the people who decided to join the bandwagan on a real issue. The issue is that it was Mexico once. Was it not? People cannot deny that. Are Mexicans still upset that the land was taken from them. YES. so people have the right to complain about it. And when people say, this is the United States, if you don't like it leave. Wouldn't you think someone said, hey this is Mexico, get your own land? But instead they said, we like it here and we are taking your land. But in any case we are here. The US is known as the melting pot and Baldwin Park is a true example of it. We should be proud that we have different races. So everyone stop being racist, you are not the solution but the problem.

Posted by: let it be. on July 26, 2011 09:23 AM

unfortunately there is still racism in this country and even if they want to deny the majority are as white as denying that use this word with facts and not only offer Mexicans are racist if also with African Americans, Orientals and others, I wonder why do so many possible differences between races if the final account are all human beings are born equal and some do not have the same skin color but we mesclamos alfinal account each other.
nothing but the whites call themselves my miso haci North Americans when they are most Europeans and I learned in school that America is divided into three parts are Ameria north canada, united states america and mexico Sentro are other small countries and South america is the rest of the continent but if everyone is america and so we all call deveria Americans do not believe it?
Enough with the hatred the last step and be friends, brothers and allies as we need in the future to more important things.

Posted by: marlene on March 18, 2012 07:59 PM

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