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Hispanic Groups In Arizona Call For Three Day "Boycott" [Update]

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Hispanic groups show once again their ridiculousness by calling for all Hispanics to stay home from work and not to spend money in a three day "boycott". This was tried in California and actually pointed out the lack of impact it had. They say they are doing it because of the recent string of legislation targeting illegal aliens in the state recently. These groups totally miss the mark by calling on all Hispanics to stay home though because not all Hispanics are illegal aliens.


Organizers of the one-day protest hope tens of thousands of Hispanics will participate to show the vital role they play in the community.

"This is a test so people can see and feel the power we have and the actual stranglehold we have on the economy of this state," said Elias Bermudez, a community activist who put together the protest, told Reuters. "It will be something to see."

The boycott was heavily advertised on local Spanish-language radio and television, and while it was not known how many planned to join in, organizers have already planned a three-day protest in July. The call for the boycott covered all businesses, including those owned by Hispanics.


State Rep. Russell Pearce, sponsor of several immigration-related bills, said protests such as those planned Tuesday would not effect the economy or the debate over immigration.

"You have to believe that this is going to do nothing more than hurt their own people," said Pearce, a Republican. "The bottom line is that they are on the wrong side of the issue. We need to enforce our borders and show respect for the rule of law."

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Update: (2:26AM PST)

I just found via Crystal Clear that they actual had a trial run yesterday and it failed miserably.

Washington Times

An immigrant advocacy group asked Hispanics to boycott businesses and to stay home from work yesterday to protest legislation by Arizona lawmakers targeting illegal aliens, and said it was a trial run for a full-scale, three-day economic protest planned for July.

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I consider myself a victim of the Walmart/home depot/ walgreens, located at 36th ST & Thomas. Normally I just dont shop there, but today I went to get medication for my son. As soon as you get out of the car, there's yelling, teeth sucking, comments, etc. There's an INS office, less than three blocks down the street. I'm in favor of them boycoting for a day or decade, however they should not be allowed to call 911, send their kids to our schools, and on and on, unless they are willing to put back 100% of what they are taking away from honest tax paying citizens.

Posted by: Molly on May 14, 2005 12:18 AM

Molly has made a blatantly false statement. The INS doesn't exist anymore. There is no INS office less than three blocks down the street. This person is either terribly ignorant or lying.

Posted by: Ralph on May 17, 2005 12:07 PM

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