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Illegal Aliens Protest Real ID Act In Rockville, MD, Michelle Malkin Shows Up To Cover It

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Illegal aliens gathered to protest the Real ID Act which was passed by the House and is heading to the Senate this week attached to the wartime supplemental spending bill. The act requires proof of citizenship or legality to be in the United States to obtain a drivers license. The "gathering" was held at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD -- a place I once lived.

Michelle Malkin headed out to cover the protest and has some images of what the protesters were really asking for. She also covers the Montgomery County police and how they seemed to bar some coverage by press members who were opposed to these illegal aliens. In addition, Michelle asked if the Department of Homeland Security had been notified or if there was going to be anything done about protesters who openly proclaimed to be illegals. Their response shouldn't surprise you, but it sure as hell should infuriate you.

Michelle Malkin

... I interviewed Montgomery County, Md., police lieutenant J.R. Hack (yeah, that's his real name). Lt. Hack amiably told me the protest was "a good thing." When I asked him why, he said "everyone should have a voice."

Asked if the Department of Homeland Security had been notified of the illegal alien rally, Lt. Hack emphatically said no. "We're here to help them."

Even if they're here illegally? I asked. "We don't want to intimidate anyone," said Lt. Hack.

Shouldn't you report people to DHS if you know they are here illegally? I asked. "That's not my responsibility," he said.

Go read her article and see the pictures.

Michael Graham of WMAL radio attempted to cover the event and showed his ABC Media ID, here's what happened.

"This is my ID," I insisted. "This is my media ID. So you’re not going to let me in because I don’t have a good enough ID, is that what you’re saying? An AMERICAN CITIZEN can’t get in here because he doesn’t have the right ID, is that what you’re saying?"

They continued to block my way and refused to show any ID. Two people claimed to be "Montgomery County Public School security officers," but one again showed no identification. So I announced "This is a public event, I’m working media, I’m going in." I started walking through the gate.

That’s when they jumped me.

Five or more people started shoving, grabbing and pulling me, moving to block my way as I tried to walk into a public high school venue. Several times someone knocked at the tape recorder I had in my hand, recording this event, and at some point they must have turned it off. I continued to walk forward as best I could, my arms held straight down, working my way between the bodies blocking my path. That’s when they began to seriously grab and shove me. They knocked me entirely away from the gate, pulling and pushing me backwards. Then someone shouted for the police. "Finally," I thought, "they’ll get these goons off me!"

And that’s when the cops jumped me.

Go read the rest.

Other Commentary on Michelle's article:

The Daily Polemic who is simply outraged.
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mexican people are hard working people they come to usa to work not to kill or other stuf you racist people say i wish people like you were deported you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jose on June 23, 2009 02:19 PM

Deport em, and send the people who hire them to prison.

Posted by: f on September 7, 2009 01:52 PM

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