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Two 16-Year-Old Muslim Girls Who Are Illegal Aliens In New York Planned Suicide Bomb Attack

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Just a couple of illegal alien minors of the Muslim religion who are misunderstood, hard working individuals that just wanted to commit a terrorist attack.

New York Times

The girls are both in the country illegally, one born in Guinea and the other from Bangladesh, and are being held in a family detention center in Leesport, in southeastern Pennsylvania, according to the document, provided by a federal agent. They were arrested on March 24, and one appeared at an immigration hearing on April 1 in York, Pa.

The document, which describes the background of the case, said the F.B.I. believed the girls presented "an imminent threat to the security of the United States based upon evidence that they plan to be suicide bombers." It does not describe the nature of that evidence.


The Guinean girl entered the United States with her family in 1990 on a visitor visa, according to the document, and lives with her parents along with four siblings who are United States citizens. She and her parents have overstayed their original visas, it said, and her father has been arrested on immigration charges.

The Bangladeshi girl entered the country in 1994, according to the document, and her mother unsuccessfully applied for asylum. Two of her three siblings were born here.

The Guinea family has 4 anchor babies and the Bangladeshi family has two anchor babies. That's what's wrong with the 14th amendment. They were here illegally and stayed after their visa's expired only to have more kids who are now citizens. Good luck if we see them deported or have anything else done to them. Her father will be released.
Detectives from the precinct went to the girl's home to question her about two weeks before her arrest, Mr. Carroll said, asking about her absence from a public high school since September. The mother said her daughter would be schooled at home and was seeking a high school equivalency degree because of conflicts between her Islamic dress code - a full veil - and the school's dress code.

According to the family, the detectives, who had no warrant, searched the house and the teenager's belongings. The next day, the mother received a phone call from one of the detectives, a woman, saying that her daughter had extremist beliefs and promoted concepts like suicide bombing. Both mother and daughter denied the allegation, saying that she was against such ideas.

First off you can't just not send your kids to school. You have to go through hoops to home school your child. Secondly a detective can come into your home if you invite them in and can look at stuff if you allow them to, they don't need a warrant. I'm betting they allowed them in and now are claiming they didn't.

This whole thing smell like crap on the part of the families.

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Posted by Digger on April 11, 2005 04:06 AM (Permalink)

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I see the thought police are hard at work trying to get a conviction, any conviction, to show they're doing their jobs and the world is safer place because two 16 year old girls may, or may not have been THINKING about becoming suicide bombers.

As for the search and seizure, the police, FBI, CIA, NSA, and every other acronym you can think of have every right to enter, arrest, and search any person or persons property or relatives thanks to the USA Patriot ACT. If anything stinks, it's the backwards ass, regressive, anti-democratic policies of our leaders.

All Hail King George !!!

Posted by: David Eccles on April 12, 2005 05:01 PM

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