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Luisa Estrada, Philippine Senator And Wife Of Jailed Ex-President Joseph Estrada, Detained By Immigration In San Francisco

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The wife of former corrupt President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada, was detained and questioned by immigration officials in San Francisco. Luisa Estrada, a Senator in the Philippines, says she was held for questioning for 90 minutes and that most of the questions were centered on her husband. Joseph Estrada, who was thrown out in 2001, is accused of corruption during his presidency, including accepting kickbacks and other forms of illegal funds.

When will the Philippines get a real honest to goodness President who is looking out for the people? The current President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, isn't doing a damn thing either. They need to get a true reformer in there who is going to work for the people, spur growth, lower unemployment, crack down on corruption and really get the country on track.

Prior to his election Joseph Estrada had no former experience in any government role and was a "B" movie actor. One thing about the Philippines is that they have a history of corruption in all industries. Children of the rich are often the only ones in television or in the movies, preferring celebrity to talent. We here in the United States do this as well, but in the Philippines even if you have an utter lack of talent you're still allowed in.

This isn't just in the entertainment industry, but is ingrained in their society. This almost insures that those with no talent will continue the lack of growth for all throughout the whole of the country. Don't get me wrong I love Filipino's and only want to see them do better.

Boston Globe

The Philippine government criticized U.S. immigration officials on Wednesday after a Filipino senator who is married to the country's jailed former president said she was detained in San Francisco and questioned about the charges against her husband.


Franklin Drilon, president of the Philippine Senate denounced "this shabby treatment of a duly elected Filipino senator in the hands of U.S. immigration officials." In a statement Tuesday, he said he complained to U.S. Ambassador Francis Ricciardone, who "was apologetic and promised to get to the bottom of the case." President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's spokesman also expressed concern about the incident. "Philippine lawmakers deserve some respect in foreign soil in the same manner that all foreign government officials and diplomats enjoy the respect and courtesies due them in our country," the spokesman, Ignacio Bunye, said Wednesday.


[Joseph Estrada] has been held under virtual house arrest in the town of Tanay, east of Manila, while on trial for corruption.

He is accused of amassing about $71.6 million in illegal gambling payoffs, tax kickbacks and commissions stashed in secret bank accounts.

He has denied wrongdoing and has accused Arroyo of keeping him in detention out of fear he could launch a revolt.

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