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ACLU Plans To Send "Observers" To Watch Over "Minuteman Project"

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The ACLU is planning to send "observers" to keep tabs on the 750 volunteers of the "Minuteman Project" which is a group who are going to patrol the Arizona-Mexico border and report crossings of illegal aliens to the border patrol.

This is the third group that has come out attacking the "Minuteman Project" directly. The Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a brutal Latin American gang, has said to have been issued orders by its leader to attack the volunteers and The Mexican Foreign Secretary said he is working with lawyers to sue the volunteer group. Are they afraid that this volunteer action by citizens of the United States will actually work?

To many the first thing the government is responsible for is protecting our borders, so why aren't they doing anything about it and why are they letting foreign governments, gangs and civil liberties groups control our border policy? Why do citizens need to go there themselves and watch the border while the government is off worrying about Social Security -- which is arguably one of the last priorities the government should be sticking its fingers in?

Tucson Citizen

The observers will trail volunteers of the Minuteman Project throughout April as they patrol the border along Cochise County for illegal immigrants.

"We will be there to make sure they're not abusing anybody's rights," the ACLU's Ray Ybarra said.

A team of lawyers will be on hand to file civil cases against Minuteman participants if abuses occur, he said.

The ACLU is planning hourlong training sessions over the next month for volunteers in Tucson, Douglas and Phoenix.

Tipped by: Rob at Say Anything (via Young Pundit) who has this to say:

As far as I’m concerned the only “rights” aliens crossing America’s borders illegally have is the right to be arressted and shipped back to where they came from.

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Posted by Digger on March 11, 2005 02:27 AM (Permalink)

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You europeans need to get the fuck off our land cross the ocean you came from.

I'm an American citizen and I'm not here to debate, but to let you know that I will fight you 100% for your prejudice against indigenous people that lived on this land before you european fuckwads came and brought your diseases to our people.

Trust me, we will be watching you, we will know who you are, and you face justice if any of you nazi morons think you can treat other people, my people included, as wild game.

This isn't duck hunting or deer hunting, but you speak and treat it as such.

Terrorism is the fault of corrupt American policies and the presidents willingness to turn a blind eye to warning of a terrorist attack. Shifting blame to Mexican Nationals that cross the border so that they can better support their families is absurd.

Rot in hell you Nazis.

Posted by: aztecklaw on March 24, 2005 03:26 PM

Hey Aztecklaw...you're the nazi here. Are we supposed to support poor little Pancho because he couldn't take peronal responsibility and had 15 kids despite having the knowledge that he could not afford to feed them? Hey guess what,amigo? I will fight you and idiots like you 100%. This is NOT your fucking land. We kicked your sorry asses for it and you signed it over for sale because you knew you wouldn't and couldn't win against a far superior power. And heres another tidbit of truth. If "gringo" hadn't come and WON this land then you and your spic bretheren would be living in a rotten, corrupt, 3rd world shithole just like Mexico. Then your sorry asses would be streaming into Canada. As far as I know its the Europeans that cured your diseased sacks of flesh. And yet you still bring Hepatitis, TB, various strains of violent influenza and infect our cities with them. As far as "we will be watching you"...who? the ACLU? Your 'homeboys'? Was that supposed to be a threat you pathetic little turd? Come watch us, bitch. I'm sure you are ALL talk and NO action. Typical. Oh yes...rot in hell you spic asshole.

Posted by: Erykk on April 28, 2005 03:00 AM

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