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Mexico To Sue Volunteer Civilian Border Watchers "Minuteman Project"

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The Minuteman Project is a group of civilians that have grouped together and plan to watch the Arizona-Mexico border in April. I covered them back in January if you want to read more details on their efforts. Now Mexico has stepped in and is looking for a way to sue this civilian group that will be walking along a portion of the United States. You heard me right, they are going to sue Americans who are walking around their own country.

The Minuteman Project -- which now has over 500 volunteers -- is simply going to watch for illegal aliens crossing the border in April and then contact the proper authorities to report the sighting. They are going to take no action on their own. Mexico however seems to think this is wrong or illegal. If a citizen walks around and calls police when they see a crime is that illegal?

Not only is Mexico going to try and sue, there are illegal alien activists and open border proponents in this country that are planning to disseminate information on how illegal aliens can avoid the volunteers as they cross.

North County Times

Francisco Loureira, a migrant rights activist who manages a shelter in Nogales, across from Nogales, Arizona, said he plans to distribute maps alerting migrants to the presence of the volunteers.

"The least we can do is prevent them from crossing where these anti-migrant people will be," Loureira said.

Loureiro said he is bracing for overcrowding at his shelter and it's already looking for food donation since he expects to see twice as many people in April.

On Monday, Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Mexico is working with lawyers in Los Angeles to outline a legal challenge to the Minuteman project.

"We're simply presenting the reasons that lead us to believe (theirs) is an incorrect and illegal action not only from the point of view of our government but also according to U.S. law," Derbez said.

Derbez said the Mexican government will use all the legal means at his disposal to protect the rights of Mexican migrants, adding that the Minuteman project will be one of the issues he'll discuss with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on her March 10 visit to Mexico.

They are not migrants they are illegal aliens who are entering our country illegally. This totally pisses me off and should piss off any American at the audacity of a country to try and sue citizens who want to volunteer to report crimes.

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Thanks for the trackback. Wish I would have thanked you earlier..I greatly appreciate it and am glad there are others writing about this issue. Keep up your work!

Posted by: Crystal Clear on March 13, 2005 09:43 AM

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