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Freed Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena Update

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Here's a few little updates on the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena.

The Car Giuliana Sgrena Claims Was Shot 3-400 times
The Car Bonnie And Clyde Died In
Both Were Shot Over 50 Times In An Ambush
First we have the car (pictured right via Say Anything) that "The Americans shone a flashlight at the car and then fired between 300 and 400 bullets at if from an armoured vehicle." according to Mrs. Sgrena. It obviously does not appear to have been shot 300-400 times. For comparison witness the Bonnie and Clyde car in which each were found to have been shot 50 times.

The Jawa Report has some statements by Sgrena which suggest she was helping the terrorists. Including this little gem from Sgrena on the terrorists:

And so they [became] aware that I was really working against the occupation and people were supporting me and so they told me: "We have seen that you are very appreciated in Italy". And that helped me to be freed.

Chris Short tells us that Sgrena has been warned by Italian Communications Minister Maurizio Gasparri who said "I understand the emotion of these hours, but those who have been under stress in the past few weeks should pull themselves together and avoid saying nonsense."

Captain's Quarters has a portion of Sgrena's own account of the poor driving and the speeding and swerving to avoid puddles that seem to support the US version of the story with the car speeding crazily towards the checkpoint. Yet she continues to say they targeted her.

There is still word of a ransom being paid but no confirmation as of yet.

Australian Financial Review

Iraqi politician Younadem Kana told Belgian state TV Saturday evening that he had "non-official" information that a $US1 million ($1.27 million) ransom was paid for Ms Sgrena's release, the Apcom news agency reported from Brussels. The report could not be confirmed.
Sgrena denies knowing of any ransom paid, yet she seems to insist in some of her statements that a ransom was paid and that's why the US deliberately targeted her. To say her credibility is shot would be a severe understatement with all the contradictions in her stories over the past couple of days. The Jawa Report has great coverage on these statements including one quote that says a flashlight was shown on the vehicle and then they opened fire and another which she says the vehicle was attacked in the total darkness

How anyone can give this woman a lick of credibility over the US troops is completely beyond my comprehension. There are always sure to be those who will accept anything that is against a war they didn't approve of or a coalition force they detest, even if that hatred puts troops just doing their job on the chopping block.

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UPDATE (12:05 PST)

It seems that the car pictured above has been debunked over at Little Green Footballs. The car above is the car that she was taken hostage in and not the one that she was in after being freed. If I find a picture of the car that she claims was shot 300-400 times I'll be sure to post it.

* * *

UPDATE (Mar 9 9:24PM PST)

It seems Rusty over at The Jawa Report now has what is purported to be actual images of the car. It still hasn't been confirmed though.

For all coverage from hostage taking to after release see the Diggers Realm Giuliana Sgrena Archives.

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Posted by Digger on March 7, 2005 10:48 AM (Permalink)

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That is not the car. Go to LGF to see why.

Posted by: Chris Short on March 7, 2005 11:54 AM

That is not the car. Go to LGF to see why.


Posted by: MikeAdamson on March 7, 2005 12:07 PM

All fixed. See the update above.

Posted by: Digger on March 7, 2005 12:24 PM

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