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Giuliana Sgrena

Ties Between Giuliana Sgrena And The Recent Four Peace Activists Taken As Hostages

The hostage taking of four peace activists in Iraq a few days ago, on November 30, 2005, is strikingly similar to what happened to Italian left-wing reporter Giuliana Sgrena earlier this year on February 2, 2005. The Jawa Report has ... [ More ]

By Digger on December 02, 2005 |

Putting A Nail In The Former Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena's Claims

Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist taken hostage in Iraq, has made claims that the car they were in after she was freed March 4, 2005 was travelling at a normal rate of speed when it approached a US checkpoint and ... [ More ]

By Digger on April 30, 2005 |

Silvio Berlusconi Promises Bush No Ransom For Hostages

Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has now promised President Bush the Italians will no longer pay ransom for hostage. A little late in coming for my tastes. I wonder if this will be tested by the terrorists by taking another ... [ More ]

By Digger on March 13, 2005 |

Freed Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena Update

Here's a few little updates on the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena. The Car Giuliana Sgrena Claims Was Shot 3-400 timesThe Car Bonnie And Clyde Died InBoth Were Shot Over 50 Times In An Ambush First we have the car (pictured... [ More ]

By Digger on March 07, 2005 | Comments (3) |

Freed Hostage Giuliana Sgrena Claims US Troops Deliberately Attacked Her

Giuliana Sgrena, the freed Italian Journalist who was being held hostage in Iraq by terrorists, claimed that US forces deliberately targeted her for attack. The car she was in was speeding towards a checkpoint at Baghdad airport when the checkpoint... [ More ]

By Digger on March 06, 2005 | Comments (5) |

Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena Shot During Release From Terrorists

Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena who has been held hostage by terrorists in Iraq since February 4, 2005 has been released. It did not go smooth however and the car she was in sped towards a checkpoint without stopping. The... [ More ]

By Digger on March 04, 2005 | Comments (2) |

Video Of Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena Released By Terrorists

A video tape of Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena, who was taken hostage Feb 4, 2005, was released this morning by the terrorists who are holding her hostage. In the video she is pleading in French and Italian for all... [ More ]

By Digger on February 16, 2005 | Comments (3) |

Giuliana Sgrena, Italian Hostage, "In Good Health" Says Paper

The saga of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena continues. Just days after a terrorist group claimed to have executed her, her employer, Il Manifesto, now says it has contact through a third party who has seen her multiple times. The exact... [ More ]

By Digger on February 10, 2005 |

Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena Executed Claims Mujahedeen Brigade In Iraq

The Mujahedeen Brigade In Iraq has claimed to have executed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena. This is the third group to have claimed having taken hostage Sgrena. The first was The Islamic Jihad Organization then on Feb. 6 The Jihad Organization... [ More ]

By Digger on February 08, 2005 |

Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena To Be Released By Terrorists

It has been announced by the terrorist group the Jihad Organization that an Italian reporter Giuliana Sgrena, 56, is to be released in "the next few days". Sgrena was ambushed and taken hostage Feb. 4, along with 3 Iraqi's, in... [ More ]

By Digger on February 07, 2005 |

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