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Going The Other Way

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I received an interesting email from a reader yesterday and have decided to publish it in full as it is very thought provoking on the immigration issue.

Down Mexico Way

Try crossing our southern border; try going the other way, To enter Mexico illegally for an extended, unlawful stay. Ignore immigration quotas, all their visas and their fees, And quietly slip their border, anytime you damn well please. Just sneak in past the policía, ignoring Mexican laws; You've a desperate need to improve your lot; you have a righteous cause. With Evil Bush in power now, destroying your liberal order, You've a right to seek asylum, to trespass their northern border.

Once there, speak English only and demand it in their schools; Forget assimilation, make Mexicanos change their rules. What right do these Latinos have to make you learn their lingo? Tell those churlish campesinos1 you've the right to remain a gringo. Move right on in, live your own way, ignore their cultural norms, And demand the use of English on all their official forms. Free healthcare is, of course, your right; let poor peones2 pay, For bilingual health providers throughout your border-bending stay.

Be sure to have a baby just as quickly as you can; A citizen in the family helps legitimize your clan. Then have another three or four, or maybe six or eight; Don't worry how you'll feed them, just demand help from the state. Paisanos3 paying taxes may resent your reckless breeding, And protest loudly to their states about your gringo kids they're feeding; "But it's just our way," is your excuse, "Brought from our Yanquí land." How dare they question gringo ways they'll never understand?

So defend your Anglo ethos; yield not your Yanquí essence; And demand a driver's license to legitimize your presence. Just so you know what you've done wrong in case of policía stops, Insist the Federales must teach English to all cops. Make Mexicans accept your ways, make them your pliant fools; Demand a Yanquí culture course be taught in all their schools. So what you paid no taxes; when you're an old gringo who will care? File for your Seguridad Social, after all, you're due your share.

If all this sounds preposterous, an irrational expectation, Dems are demanding it for Illegals now in our multicultural nation.

- Russell

1 Rube, hick, unsophisticated person
2 Laborer, worker
3 Citizen

When put in stark contrasts the truth is obvious.

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Very interesting, sometimes you must step back, way way back to see the forest.
Good blog, will add you to my local bloggers.

Posted by: The Yolo Cowboy on February 16, 2005 03:32 PM

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