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North Korea Processed Uranium Found In Libya Surrendered Materials

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There is a 90% certainty that the Uranium found in Libya's surrendered materials came from North Korea. This raises the question of whether they sold it to other countries. It also poses the question of "What now?"

I don't think there's anyone out there that is really gung-ho on attacking North Korea, but it may come down to either that or in the future being blackmailed over and over again for eternity. The potential also may exist for the North Koreans to sell it to terrorist groups because they need cash. The worst case, of course, is that they develop nukes and then there's a major coup and we have no clue who is in charge.

New York Times

Scientific tests have led American intelligence agencies and government scientists to conclude with near certainty that North Korea sold processed uranium to Libya, bolstering earlier indications that the reclusive state exported sensitive fuel for atomic weapons, according to officials with access to the intelligence.

The determination, which has circulated among senior government officials in recent weeks, has touched off a hunt to determine if North Korea has also sold uranium to other countries, including Iran and Syria. So far, there is no evidence that such additional transactions took place.


Now, intelligence officials say, extensive testing conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee over the last several months has concluded that the material did not originate in Pakistan or other suspect countries, and one official said that "with a certainty of 90 percent or better, this stuff's from North Korea."

One recently retired Pentagon official who has long experience dealing with North Korea said the new finding was "huge, because it changes the whole equation with the North."

"It suggests we don't have time to sit around and wait for the outcome of negotiations," he said. "It's a scary conclusion because you don't know who else they may have sold to."

What to do, what to do? I guess we can sit around and "talk" with them as most liberals would suggest, but how long can we wait?

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